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31-35, M
Discussion, Private Chat, Flirt, Friends, Meet Women, Dating, Help, Support, Stories, Learning, Look Around, Role Play
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About Me
Did anybody here try RadioGarden to listen to online radio?
I sometimes like listening to radio on my browser. Which are the popular radio stations in your region?
31-35, M
+ 0 0 replies 0 views Jun 16, 2020 |
I Love Chatting Online
Anybody interested for casual chatting on regular basis? I have varied interests and like to talk up.
31-35, M
+ 2 1 reply 4 views Jun 14, 2020 |
I Love Chatting Online
I Love Watching Tv Series
I recently watched Elementary and loved it.
31-35, M
+ 3 0 replies 0 views Jun 14, 2020 |
I Love Watching Tv Series
How to stay fit with indoor exercises?
TL;DR Need suggestions for indoor workout for weight loss It usually rains a lot where I live.It is not feasible to run on roads/park if it rains and I don't find dedicated time to go to gym. Any suggestion is welcome.
31-35, M
+ 0 5 replies 11 views Jun 14, 2020 |
I Want to Go On a Road Trip
I surely do. Driving is quite exhilarating for me.
31-35, M
+ 4 4 replies 8 views Sep 23, 2019 |
I Want to Go On a Road Trip
I Listen to the Same Song Over and Over
Many a times I put some songs on repeat and listen to them endlessly.
31-35, M
+ 2 0 replies 0 views Sep 23, 2019 |
I Listen to the Same Song Over and Over
Is it possible to selectively erase our memories?
Like happened in the movie "Eternal Sunshine of Spotless Mind".
31-35, M
+ 2 6 replies 16 views Jul 21, 2019 |
What is meant by being successful in life?
Good Relationships, Truck load of Money, Contributing something meaningful to humankind or any other.
31-35, M
+ 5 7 replies 31 views Apr 18, 2019 |
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