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Got caught vaping [I My Bottom Stays Bared At All Times]

I was outside with some friends my one friend Alex has a vape we were just chilling and talking Alex asked if I wanted to vape I am like sure bro soon as I took a puff my mom walked out she was like Nicholas what are you doing I said I took one hit of the vape that’s it she was like Alex and friends Nicholas needs his butt inside!! We go inside and she calls my dad at work and tells him what I did he then wants to talk to me so I get on the phone and he says is it true that you were vaping I said yes I only took one hit he said okay thank you for being honest but I am going to be honest with you!!! You will be getting spanked when I get home!!! So mom has me in my room bared waiting for dad
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Confined · 51-55, M
oops. you know better.
NickS20 · 16-17, M
[@6853,Confined] I know but I am hoping since I was honest he won’t be that hard on me
NickS20 · 16-17, M
With a paddle [@6853,Confined]
LucyFuhr · 51-55, F
Did this really happen or did you make it up so you can talk about your bared, [b][i]underage[/i][/b] butt?
NickS20 · 16-17, M
Yes [@8345,LucyFuhr]

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