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51-55, F
I'm A Very Interesting Person
About Me
About Me
Take the time and get to know me. Don't just judge me, without knowing me

I am a genetic born woman married to a cross dresser. Some have said, that my husband is lucky to be married to me and to be able to go out with a woman who understands his desire to wear women’s clothes.

Hubby has told me how he longed for a wife, a girlfriend, a best friend and everything, Not only one, who would not only tolerate the dressing but share in it. His desire to dress is so strong he cannot suppress it, and he said it would only be a matter of time before the whole world would find out no matter how much he tried to hide it. He and I are both happier that he does not need to hide a part of his personality any longer. It makes him feel even better, that his kids and Step-kids accept it as well.

Now I know we are going to be happy ever after. I know that no CD or woman in my position needs to be single ever again.

Now I want to share my experiences being married to a crossdresser and help others if I can.

Now the extra stuff about me:

My favorite animal is chickens and I own many as a 100 chickens

I have a passion for old cars & trucks, born & raised on a farm, and I DO NOT BELIEVE in any political parties. (I think all politicians are crooked & evil)

Want to know more, just ask