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Latest Replies to Posts
Itwontlast: Why do I feel like I'll never learn to drive?
Try a different instructor ?
1 mth ago
Portia: What's the best advice anyone has ever given ...
Don’t ignore the obvious
1 mth ago
Phoenixbellefire: Your place or mine?
Both and everywhere else too !
1 mth ago
Phoenixbellefire: Why is it so hard to find a genuine connection?
In this plastic world of fakes knock offs and dece...
1 mth ago
Phoenixbellefire: Tell me what you want from me...
Everything... twice !
1 mth ago
brainrapist: Can I twerk on your face?
Sure ... can I jerk on yours ?
1 mth ago
touchispower: New here... Any advice?
In my lap,,
1 mth ago
KeepYourEyesPeeled: Which is scarier: clowns or spiders?
People who are scared of em !
1 mth ago
Sunnykel76: Do you have "one" that got away?
Catch and release
2 mths ago
Sunnykel76: One thing your ex was really good at?
Fixing the sleeves on a vest
2 mths ago
Sweetlikepoison: If you won the lottery, what would be the first th...
Buy some property and build a house
2 mths ago
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