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18-21, M
If you find my pringles, please return them to me ^-^
About Me
I've hid behind my smart ass bio for a while, but... I think lately, I should let people know about me a bit...
I'm a knight in the armor of lies, my sword is my sarcasm, my shield is my humor, and my armor is my smile... But underneath the cover, is depression, the only thing I really feel...
Sharing my problems doesn't help because all I tell them is a recount of everything I've done and it brings back memory after wretched memory and that makes the matters worse because it becomes a problem that they can't deal with and it separates me from people even further when I realize that my problems affect them and I see the burden I am on the people who are there for me...
They say don't be afraid to be yourself because being somebody else can hurt, but myself is what hurts me the most
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