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22-25, F
United States
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I Hate Being Alone
I'm alone at work. This day has been shitty. And everyone I normally can talk to are busy tonight. I don't know how to handle being alone. I just wish I could talk to someone
22-25, F
2 replies
1 day ago
Have you ever wanted to have a deep conversation but have no idea who to try to talk too?
22-25, F
10 replies
5 mths ago
Doing Good
I Feel Alone
Didn't know it was possible to feel so alone when my boyfriend is in the house with me. Yet here I am laying in bed alone because he can't shut the games off. I hate going to bed alone but it sucks ten times worse when someone is here and I...
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22-25, F
4 replies
7 mths ago
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