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I’m trying to be somebody I don’t want to be someone else
22-25, F
+ 2 3 replies 6 views 1 day ago |
I Am Somebody
I have a weird bump on my leg what is it?
It’s red with a round bump on top of a bigger red bump on my inner thigh it gets worse at night it’s itches
22-25, F
+ 0 16 replies 21 views 1 day ago |
I Have Questions
Smdh I don’t want to live on the planet anymore
22-25, F
+ 1 6 replies 47 views 2 days ago |
I Think Cheating Is Wrong
I laughed.
22-25, F
+ 9 4 replies 53 views Aug 1, 2020 |
I Have Something to Say
Boring place
I made a new account about a month ago but the people I was excited to see and talk to again are never around I’m thinking about leaving the site maybe check in a few times a year wouldn’t mind making new friends give me a reason to come and go
22-25, F
+ 6 14 replies 16 views Jul 30, 2020 |
I Need New Friends
6 more weeks
If I stay out of trouble and don’t have another violation which I won’t I’ll be getting off of probation in 6 weeks I can’t wait
22-25, F
+ 7 1 reply 8 views Jul 30, 2020 |
I Am On Probation
Honest feedback
Is 6 guys a lot at 21?
22-25, F
+ 3 15 replies 41 views Jul 29, 2020 |
I Have Questions
Soulfly and Corey Taylor.
I’m a self destructive piece of shit Smear me in I don't owe you a goddamn thing This life has never had the swing I don't want to be immortal or legend or anything cause the longer I'm alive, the better off you'll be Get ready f...
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22-25, F
+ 1 0 replies 3 views Jul 25, 2020 |
I Like Dark Lyrics
Silent thinking
For as long as I can remember I’ve enjoyed sitting in silence with nothing but a ceiling fan on and think for hours.
22-25, F
+ 6 6 replies 9 views Jul 13, 2020 |
I Love Silence
I don’t think I’m normal I consistently wonder if I’m slightly autistic.
22-25, F
+ 5 8 replies 9 views Jul 13, 2020 |
I Don't Know How To Connect With People Anymore
I saw my therapist today and told her I rejoined this site. That was an interesting conversation 😂
22-25, F
+ 5 10 replies 36 views Jul 8, 2020 |
I Am Seeing a Therapist
Anyone want to let me borrow their Hulu account
22-25, F
+ 3 6 replies 12 views Jul 8, 2020 |
I Love Hulu
This new update makes the place feel more EPish
I like it, I like it a lot lol. Anyway I originally logged on to ask a question and got distracted 😂 Is there an Appalachian trial equivalent in the Alps? Like can you hike from the start of the trail to the end? I know about Hault Route, but is ther...
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22-25, F
+ 5 9 replies 28 views Jul 7, 2020 |
I Have Something to Say
I Struggle With Addiction
I’ve had a bad alcohol and Xanax addiction for years I’ve been so hush about xans even when I was on the site before I never mentioned them. I’m a week clean today from pills. I’d abuse others when I wasn’t able to find them but I really enjoyed Xana...
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22-25, F
+ 8 16 replies 47 views Jul 3, 2020 |
I Struggle With Addiction
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