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31-35, C
Latest Replies to Posts
KelseyH: Is Quora brainier than SW?
🙄 No
21 hrs ago
XxYoungGunnerxX: Horses are just big doggies.
It will jump the cliff @jackieash
22 hrs ago
IntrovertedArtist: Anytime I ever try to look on the brightside or he...
you don't you just have to roll over andsee w...
22 hrs ago
2001Patricia2001: I am the most ticklish person ever 🙈
I'm ticklish, i can't stand it
1 day ago
Anna111: What did you do during the summer?
It’s not summer it’s barely spring here
1 day ago
Victorianna: What's your most embarrasing moment?
I have had many but I’m over them now I don’t care...
2 days ago
Sadpicasso: It's took me a while to really show gratitude...
@eqfish it's not her original face, probably?
2 days ago
SongWeaver: Why did you break up?
Never been in a relationship, that I’d remember.
2 days ago
DavidScott: post a picture that you took
Bahhaaa Yo G Whaaaataaaaap
2 days ago
DavidScott: post a picture that you took
2 days ago
MellyMel22: Is there any way we could some day be able to view...
I think we can do that in the settings
2 days ago
ltachi: Why is milk disgusting?
I love milk
2 days ago
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