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for what it's worth I disagree entirely.

I knew right away at 13 that my Anime obsession was not a PHASE I would EVER grow out of, I also understood that I would never ever develop a desire for children.

at 35 I now know I was right and every dipshit that insisted adamantly I was wrong knew NOTHING.

Because I still Am an Otaku, in fact even STRONGER than before and I NEVER WANT Kids.

I bring this all up even though it seems unrelated because I was aware of my identity at such a young age.

And I was alienated at what was expected of me as a man.

my instincts were not wrong then, and they're not wrong now.

oh and, Being an Anime Nerd back then was something you couldn't do without paying a price for it.
Carter3210 · 18-21, M
I mean gender and hobbies are completely different, one doesn't change and shouldn't be disregarded as a phase
[@871813,Carter3210] it's funny that she mentioned that she had to grow to the point where she could actually mentally separate gender identity from sexuality or me it was always a source of confusion why every time the issue of transwomen came up they were treated as if they were just gay men who decided that they had to have a compettitive "Gay off" and being gay just wasn't Gay enough for them so they decided to super saiyan and become women.
it was ALREADY uncoupled.
Carter3210 · 18-21, M
[@10406,BetweenKittensandRiots] I get called straight because I'm a trans man who likes men. Yet no straight men are attracted to me, but their are gay men attracted to me. Curious, it's almost as if I'm gay, but that's impossible, the transphobes said I'm straight!
[@871813,Carter3210] I am a little too into women but sometimes It's like all the prescriptive nonsnese that's shoved down my throat for being born with boy parts and liking girls is sort of like ohhh you should want to provide for her you should want to be her sugar daddy you should do all the work and oh also if you have emotions and feelings and vulrenability to her and what she does pack that shit under the hood because although some women SAY they're into it in reality they go for a stone cold killer every time instead of sensitive boys.

You understand? I am attracted to girls but I am PISSED OFF and ALIENATED at what's thrust onto me because of it.

Contempotary society sees me as Cisgendered and Heterosexual but I think I am feminine and gynosexual.
Steve42 · 51-55, M
One of my kids is trans. As parent, my job didn't change. I love them and offer them guidance when they ask for it. Though I may never understand it.

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