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I Think Liberals and Leftists Are Killing the World

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“I think for many parents when smacking [spanking] fell out of favor - that meant all discipline went with it. And I don't think it's good for kids, who actually need boundaries, structure and routine. We've become parents who treat our kids like they're less able than they actually are. Infantilizing them often into adolescence and early adulthood. Treating them like they need to be protected from all sorts of often non-existent threats - so they can't even walk to school on their own.....behaving like we aren't actually in charge of them. Like we're peers not parents. And if we aren't in charge - our kids have got to be left wondering - who is? ….And you've got to ask why are we doing this? Why are we babying our children if it's not good for them?”[b]~ Dr. Ciara Kelly [/b], in [i]Has Ireland's overly indulgent, softly, softly parenting approach left our kids short-changed?[/i] (Feb. 20, 2017) [c=#BF0000][/c]

Yep, it really is that simple -- when spanking stopped – social deconstruction from the bottom-up (pun intended ☹ ) began.

Thank your friendly Leftist ideologue – the one with the bag of permissive parenting nonsense.

It all started with Jean-Jacques Rousseau, the greatest of the deities in the Jacobin pantheon. He preached that children were born good, but corrupted by society and its institutions. You can see where this is going.....

Rousseau's revolutionary "insight" not only goes against the Judea-Christian worldview, but flies in the face of the empirical observations of mankind since the beginning of time. But it does explain why it is so essential to permit little Johnny & Jane to do what little Johnny & Jane want to do.

But instead of letting little Johnny & Jane have the freedom to explore the world -- correcting them when they misstep -- we hover over their every minute -- regulating their lives -- protecting these spoiled brats from society; and the big bad world and its natural law. Does that sound familiar?

It should --in the Leftist grown-up version the State is that helicopter parent -- hovering over its undisciplined children who are busy indulging in their libertine and materialistic "freedom"

There are a lot of things that need to be done to reclaim the world from the evil unleashed by these 18th century revolutionaries – but bringing back spanking would be a good start.

Spanking is not just good parenting – it is a subversive political act!


[b]P.S. --[/b] As you probably gathered, Rousseau was strongly against corporal punishment. In fact, he was the very first No-Spank permissive parenting ideologue; and wrote several anti-spanking essays (which I will discuss in more detail in later posts). That ideology is at the core of the Leftist Project! It is curious that the Jacobins were against spanking, but so fond of the guillotine. Not so different than their modern day counterparts.
You are one twisted lady.
beckychandler · 36-40, F
I expect this type of response from the Left and their useful idiots – it goes with the territory.
Glad I didn't cause a start. That would have been tragic.@beckychandler:
beckychandler · 36-40, F
@CurvesRock: I guess I am slow on the uptake, but I don't understand that remark
yes, and ...
Mrsmeta · 41-45, F
Post this again in 25 years when your children are paying for therapists and deep into bdsm. Good luck!
Mrsmeta · 41-45, F
Umm... source ?
beckychandler · 36-40, F

I did a quick search for the specific study I was referring to but couldn't find it. However, I will get back to you on this subject and these types of studies –this is a continuing series—and this specific topic has to be addressed (it is a big part of Rousseau's makeup). But my statement is the general consensus among mental health professionals, unless they are on an ideological anti-spanking crusade. On the left-wing website [i]Counterpunch[/i] we find an objective sex therapist repeating this consensus:
“Some of us love to be spanked just because we weren’t as children. As a sex therapist, I’ve heard thousands of stories of how being spanked as a child led to an adult spanking fetish, and I have encountered even more individuals who were not spanked as children, but enjoy the erotic rush of child-like feelings they get from being spanked as adults.”[/i] [c=#BF0000][/c]

Of course, no one disputes the most important statistic -- the vast majority of children who are spanked do not develop any kind fetish except a fetish of responsible behavior.In other words, there is no correlation, much less causation. And then I have to wonder why do you people care? The only people who bring up this erroneous claim of a correlation between childhood spanking and an adult fetish -- are those tolerant sexually liberated folks on the left who have no problem with (indeed celebrate) any type of sexual fetish.
Keep43 · 56-60, M
[@347158,Mrsmeta] So, in fact this assertion of the link between childhood spanking and adult "Spanking" interest has finally been objectively studied by our research team in 2015. The problem with these anecdotal "Claims" is that they correlate something that the vast majority of adults have experienced.

In fact, using this false correlative method would show that children who have been bathed regularly or have been read bedtime stories in childhood, have a higher correlation with adult spanking fetishes than those who have been spanked... Now for the conclusions from a study of adult males with self-professed adult spanking interest.

(1) The study looks at per-capita spanking interest in countries that have banned spanking, and finds no relationship between this occurrence and the time spanking was banned: Actually, in culturally similar countries, Norway, the 2nd country to ban spanking (1983) has the highest amount of spanking interest in all EU/Scandinavia, and is double the fetish rate of France, where recent polls show 87% of children are spanked today.

(2) The study shows that adult males with this interest are TWENTY-FIVE TIMES more likely to be Non-Straight, meaning this is a form of sexual expression between consenting males

(3) The males in this group were 2.3 times more likely to NEVER have been spanked in childhood relative to societal averages, and

(4) While 4% of respondent's fetish can be linked to constant and harsh physical punishment (which a lot of data supports is an inferior approach), an equal number of respondents have never been spanked and resent, or feel damaged by and the victim of the positive/permissive parenting styles they were inflicted with, and look to strongly-guiding parental figures as adults - something denied them in their childhood.

So all-in-all, these claims have no basis in hard social science.

(Source, Hoff, H, "An Empirical Study of Adult Males: Relating Childhood Disciplinary Spanking and Sexual Orientation as Predictors of Consensual Adult Spanking, Iron Gate research, 2015, ISBN 151698014X)
I guess you have to blame those EVIL liberals and leftist people for all that is wrong in society. Without them, we would all have perfect children.
MartinII · 61-69, M
Interesting that this quote comes from Ireland, which used to have a reputation for robust, no-nonsense discipline.
And fleeing to America.
@CurvesRock: I'm not sure about the connection here. The fleeing to America was about starvation, The Potato Famine. ???
beckychandler · 36-40, F
@CurvesRock: LOL
Ther is NOTHING wrong with spanking bare hand bare bottom. However using things like belts brushes and the like can cause blood clots that can lead to a stroke.
Now any chance of that is too much of a chance.
And yes I know of 2 such cases during 6 yrs of doing emerg med.
TheWitness · 31-35, F
Were you spanked a lot as a child?
beckychandler · 36-40, F
Yes, we were spanked quite a bit. I discuss this a little bit in this post, where I also discuss that this is about much more than just spanking and that is VERY IMPORTANT to understand if you want to get what I am driving at:
This message was deleted by its author.
beckychandler · 36-40, F
[i]“Terri, You have 11 kids who give you the credibility to say what you have about something which has become a 'delicate' issue. It is so baffling to me that so much paper has been wasted on whether or not children should be spanked. Intelligent people actually pay money to buy the books that labor over something that takes only a few seconds from a loving parent and can change the future of their child. God bless you for your courage to share this much needed lesson!”[/i] [b]~ Martha Wessinger[/b], in a comment to a short 2013 essay by [b]Terri Bonin[/b] @ [b]Laundry Moms [/b] [c=#BF0000][/c]
This message was deleted by its author.

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I Think Liberals and Leftists Are Killing the World
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