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I Love Being Naked In the Rain

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When I was in my junior school I use to travel by my bicycle from school to home it's almost 25 Kms up and down through a hill cart road , the way is natural way out not a modern road around hills and forest , so many time in rainy season heavy rainfall disturbing the way and it's so uneasy to travel by bicycle when it was raining , wet cloths and hard wind made a burden , so I get off my cloths and running the cycle completely naked in that way , the way was lonely most of time in general and when it's raining it became no mans land.I put my cloths and shes and shocks in my school bag and comfortably in my way .The habits began in this way and later I started loving natural shower naked whenever no one in my house , it's a rare chance but I got time to time few chances when i was in camp or in outside home , when I was in Harem so many times I worked in garden and in stable and enjoying the rain , it felt me like a kid , the chilled drop of water all over in my body made me cool and when droops of water make my eyes blind it really feel so good a blur world , in my previous working place , my living room was in the roof top , so many times i slowly walked from my room and stand clam and quite in middle of the roof and close my eyes to feel the rain and it's sound , I really detached from the outer world that moment , few times my co-workers saw me in that way even in night too , they always believe that it is some kind on meditation , I never make them believe that it's nothing but a fun .Two years ago one hard rain night I was caught by cop while walking slowly completely naked in the hard rain in middle of a lonely midnight highway , am lucky that they left me by thinking that am a mentally sick girl , I missed my those days here in my present location as it's not possible to be in rain but in this season am eagerly waiting for the rain again and if I would be in Haddon that time it must be a very much fun sure .
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What a lovely description! I have not yet tried cycling without clothes, but it seems very sensible when you are battling against the elements. I love being naked in the dark . . . it feels peaceful and very restful :-)
lonelyloner · 26-30, F
yea still i can remember the sound of winds coming down from the hill and the spray of rainwater just made me blind and the cold chilled water spread out all over my little body it felt me so dreaming , i also feel that there is a relation between dark and nudity and society always treat a girl like me as a dark spot of society
so true dear, nudity is a sin, girls are curse thats wat most societies n religions preach and it becomes deadly combo for em... bravo dear.. so lovely... reading ur exp
That will happen in any society anywhere in the world . . . don't let it discourage you :-)

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I Love Being Naked In the Rain
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