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I Make a Distinction Between Religion and Spirituality
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the stench of odious manipulation.

To you thoughtful christians who have made attempts to include me because you believe you must save everyone:
I am truly touched by your desire to see me in your after lie and save me from damnation but I must protest and be sincere with you that my own sentiments are that our society mannufactured a huge lie a construct that was at one point useful to us but for me has outlived it's usefulness and that lie and myth is the concept of conditional love.
Love is a verb and in such is by definition without conditions, and on top of that it is the antithesis of a loving thing to do someone to throw them into a firey hell simply for not returning your love of them.
I have come to believe this is the only kind of love there really is.
much like the song suggest: <
this means that jesus can hardly lay claim to really loving me if he has to threaten me with eternal hell fire to love him back.
maybe you found healing and progress in religion but I found a stifling sets of rules and controls that made me miserable- I cannot be happy in god.

I believe god to be a pious fraud who does not truly love me at all he just says he does and yet what he's given me is threats and intimidation into returning his love, which is not love at all. Conditional love is a noun and it does not exist.

and your gentle reminders that god loves me are a source of frustration because if I tell you of my sadistic hatred of jesus for instance I will look ike the asshole in the situation who just wnats to torment people who were nothing but kind to me.

And yet that's not truly it, I don't believe it was an act of kindnes to threaten me with hellfire if I don't submit and love him back.
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I Make a Distinction Between Religion and Spirituality
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