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I Was Spanked By My Stepdad

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My mom was the same she rarely hit me and always insisted it was my stepdad who punished me, she would say wait till your dad gets home this could mean hours of anxious fearful waiting until he finished work when he got home he would be told of my behavior and instructed on the severity of the punishment, sometimes i would be sent to bed to wait other times i was summoned to wherever mom was to hear the charges there were times i could tell his heart wasn't in it and slapped me willy nilly always over the knee but if mom was mad really angry she would insist on real punishment, he could really hit when he wanted to, as i got older and more developed he didn't put me over his knee as much but would take my knickers off completely and make me straddle his knees and touch the floor with the palms of my hands, not really sure if this was to prevent me feeling his bulge or to expose me for his viewing and increase my embarrassment apart from the obvious pain and humiliation i think looking up and seeing my mum looking almost gleeful was the worst part
46-50, F
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Mar 16, 2019
SW User
Sorry you got punished in such an embarrassing way, growing up can be tough, and painful at times.
Cannabro · 31-35, M
Dam so you really deserved it? I thought it was over punishment but yeah you learned to fear doing stupid things [@809603,rudegirl]
rudegirl · 46-50, F
[@6728,Cannabro] i think it was over punishment mainly on my mothers part her grin made me realize she enjoyed watching it happen so much that i got punished for minor things that other kids may have received a telling of for or a warning
Cannabro · 31-35, M
Honestly that’s what’s I thought I thought she let her lover punish you and sexually turned them both on doing it but you know I’m glad they aren’t doing it to you anymore [@809603,rudegirl]
Barebum61 · 56-60, M
Is that because you are a rude girl
rudegirl · 46-50, F
[@562276,Barebum61] no thats why i am a rudegirl lol
Barebum61 · 56-60, M
So now you have a fetish about it😯
rudegirl · 46-50, F
[@562276,Barebum61] i have lots of interests spanking isn't really one of them but i do appreciate the stories and emotions
eli1601 · 61-69, M
Several parents, when I was growing up, crossed the line a bit. Luckily, not mine. Our parents were the WWII generation. I think some of them thought they could beat toughness into their kids.
rudegirl · 46-50, F
[@10531,eli1601] i think that was just the logic in those days
Cannabro · 31-35, M
Lucky him he got to see your vagina and feel your bare ass with your mother’s blessing/permission ... hope it didn’t scar you for life and sorry but the story turned me on
tommo11 · 51-55, M
sorry to hear this but maybe when we look at todays children the older generation got this right never seen so many rude, over privileged, free loading arse holes in all my life by far the most ignorant,selfish bunch ever twats the lot of them well 85% ( sorry but it also gave me a raging hard on lol )
daydeeo · 61-69, M
Wow, he must have gotten a heck of a view!
bhatjc · 41-45, M
JustChris · 41-45, M
Lots of dads enjoy seeing their daughters exposed
ninjavu · 46-50, M
I think that was an awesome position in which to spank you. Beautifully exposed! 😜
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I Was Spanked By My Stepdad
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