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I Am A Special Kinda Crazy
I work hard. Like, 15 hour shift hard. On minimum wage. And I don't mean just working long. Those shifts are hard too. Slaving over a hot grill. My weeks average 50-60hrs and I take home a miserly £500-600 every 2 weeks.

I live with my family, whom I talk to whenever I get the chance and am alive enough - roughly once a week.

I cook and do one weekly shop each month, washing up, washing clothes, ironing etc. to help out, Dad's paying the bills and putting a roof over my head at least.

My job is new, I was seeking work in my field but without money one cannot pay debts. So now I'm working my heart out to pay them off.

Socially, I came back from South Africa knowing noone except my family. Workmates like me partly because I work so hard and partly because I speak my mind, I just say stuff. So do they. And twice now I have mugged off potential outside work meetings with colleagues, friends perhaps. One girl mentioned she was staying for a milkshake after work. I'm lactose intolerant and don't want to pay for the food - eating it because it's free is bad enough. So, I failed that one. And this one, another girl asked what I was doing on my day off (today). I told her some stuff, thinking she probably didn't really want the gory details etc. Then she came over later and tried again - what else are you doing? Like, hint hint... Invite me out, let's do something... I was so tired and had just worked 8hrs no break, I didn't pick up on it at all :(

Sad times. Now I'm playing catchup and make up for it, when I go in tomorrow. Let's see, the games begin.

Plus I'd quite like to set up a house with a few of them, teach them to live outside of home. They're mostly kids with no hope of leaving home, but if I open that window and start getting things together - it could happen.

Over and out folks, MSc Medical Physics meets fast food restaurant. Entertaining, at least.
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i feel for you cloud.. when i started a job i am only being paid lower than the minimum wage but i can't just quit because i have a family to think mother and my siblings needed some support. we are working long hours without overtime pay. when my siblings live with me because they are going to school i do the cooking and sometimes laundry...and my day off? no dates or stuff like i usually go out with my siblings and bond with them. you'll never know how tough and strong you are in embracing all of the responsibilities and work but if you're going to look back, there you can see a person full of energy for their loved ones. You are not doing all of the works for yourself but for the people you care and love. Keep it up but hope you don't overwork too much that you forget that you needed some love and care too.. :)

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I Am A Special Kinda Crazy
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