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I Love Going to Concerts

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So I went to the SWS vs PTV Rockstar World Tour concert here in London. My sister and younger cousin came with me (as well as my mum - long story gaaah) and since it was their first concert ever and SWS is my sister's favourite band, I HAD to make sure it went well.

Anyway, after experiencing some racism whilst queuing up for hours (ya know, the usual) things really weren't looking great. But still, I was sure everything would be fine once we got in.

The opening act, Issues, in particular their lead singer Tyler Carter, asked the whole crowd to do a massive circle mosh pit. Fair enough I guess. I mean normally I don't really care about mosh pits but I know my sister was slightly nervous and scared about them. I let the Issues pit slide since Issues themselves seemed to issue it(?) but yeah. I was hoping for minimal trouble after that.

After Issues came the PTV set. I would tell you about how amazing Vic's face was (oh so beautiful...) but that's not the point of this. Most of the people there were pretty nice and decent. However, some of them tried to start a mosh pit and then drag people in it, like they do. The last concert I went to, my friend twisted her ankle in a pit, so I wasn't particularly loving them at this moment. During the set a few mosh pits happened, but they weren't too bad.

Then SWS came on and the mosh pits became bigger and more aggressive for some reason, even though it's no secret that Kellin hates mosh pits and even calls out people for starting them while he's preforming sometimes. I knew it would ruin their (my sister and cousin's) night if the mosh pits' affects rippled to them so I made it my mission to stop them.

When a pit started, I would turn around to face it and basically more or less push anyone coming towards us before they could cause come into contact with any more people and cause a rippling effect into the crowd and my sister. The people around me realised what was going on and probably thought 'what the heck' as they saw me turn around, crunch my knuckles and swear as I did what I had to. I guess I'm not really a pacifist anymore lol.

I had identified about 5 ringleaders for these mosh pits, which included a dude in a red shirt. So red shirt dude came running at me, as you do in mosh pits. What did I do? Before he could come into contact with any more people, I whacked him so hard he fell on the floor. He didn't get hurt, I think he was embarrassed that he got hit by a girl more than anything else. I was also a lot shorter than him :c Anyway, after that, he stopped and didn't start another one. Mission accomplished. I didn't really think much of it.

So after the concert, my cousin said she saw me do something cool. Me being me, I was thinking 'what? I didn't do anything' but she had saw me whack that guy and a few others and she was pretty amazed. It turns out she wouldn't expect me to do something like that, since I don't look like 'that sort of person' by which she meant, fierce.

I'm fierce and and people find that shocking. Just because I'm polite and nice most of the time doesn't mean I can't fight or stand up for myself. Don't underestimate me.

Seriously, when did the mosh pits turn from a fun way to let off some steam and aggression into people trying and hurt others for no reason?

Also, I caught Gabe Barham's drum stick, one drummer to another :') and I held it too but I left it in the end because a few others were holding it too and I don't wanna fight for something like that. #js
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Sounds awesome! I really want to see PTV at warped tour this year but Idk if I'll be able to go :( and Yeah I saw Of Mice & Men twice and people were moshing hard lol. The first was at warped tour and the second one was The Hunting Party tour and I was near both of them and almost got pushed in them. People are really crazy lol
I do too.

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I Love Going to Concerts
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