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I Have Lost a Child

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After losing my son a couple of months ago, I have been surrounded by family and friends. Even friends I didn't even know, as they were friends of his. I've met a few of them as they'd come by the house for a few minutes, we'd say hello, then a short time later, they'd be gone. I look back on that as I see these familiar faces. They all have offered warm hugs, flowers, and most of all love. It's been amazing. It's people like these who keep me going.

His brother also came home to help me throughout, which was also perfect timing as I was just about to start moving my business. Ha ha, talk about putting him to work!! But we'd sit together for hours, just talking. He's been gone up north for a couple of years, and to share what he's been up to, his schooling, his feelings, and our thoughts. I don't know what I'd do if he hadn't come home. He knows some of the friends who come around, and of course, they are happy to see him.

It's good to see them come together, to be there for each other. The stories I here, whether they are telling me directly, or sharing memories amongst each other, brings new light to just what he meant to the community, some of the things he was interested in, and some of the friends he treasured, and who treasured him.

While the tears still roll at times, I know he had a wonderful life. I'm just frustrated that he died so young, he had so much to look forward to. It breaks my heart to not have him here, but it warms my heart to hear that he made such a difference in other lives.
51-55, F
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Oct 11, 2019
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Doctrble · 46-50, M
So sorry to hear about your loss.
I'd love to say it gets easier but I'm afraid that depends on what you do.
I struggle daily but have found few things that help.
Big hugs and prayers are with you.
silentwriter180 · 51-55, F
[@154064,Doctrble] Thank you, honey. I appreciate your thoughts.

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I Have Lost a Child
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