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I Am Married

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Yes I'm married. Sometimes vits ok other times I strongly regret it!!
There are times I wish I stayed single.
I am married to a Vietnam Combat Vet
This in itself is challenging!!
He can have mood swings galore.
Yesterday he was supposed to work till 9 pm. He came home shortly after 8. Why he had that printed in his mind I don't know.
He works At Walmart and is 69 yes old w arthritis. He texted me from his work asking what time he was supposed to work too??
He should have known. Now granted he is an excellent worker and very responsible. He just flaked yesterday.
Now he has called in so k when absolutely necessary previously.
Walmart holds it against their employees if they callin more than 3 x something ridiculous...
ALTHOUGH he had a flacky co-worker whom came in 2 hours late nothing was said!! She also pulls a lot of BS..and still remains. Hmm
She tries to get people to feel sorry for her because her husband is sickly from an accident.
Oh well discrimination is Discrimination.....
Hope all goes well for him...
I don't need anymore headaches!!

Sorry for the long rant...
56-60, F
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Jan 11, 2019
Still4him · 36-40, F
I'm so sorry that happened. I can't stand how Walmart treats their employees. Yes, age discrimination is real. I hope the days get better for y'all.
lasergraph · 61-69, M
Vietnam vets are a hardy bunch, most won't talk about the atrocities they experienced in combat, except with other vets. We didn't know much about PTSD in the days when they came home and they were treated with disdain by the public when they came home. I know two who now fight cancer because of the Agent Orange they were exposed to there. Walmart as an employer sucks. They treat employees almost as bad as they do their vendors. His age has a lot to do with his work ethics, it is that generation and the one before than instilled that ethic in each other. I am sure he can be tiring for you, but it won't last. Good luck.
aradia11 · 56-60, F
[@1319,lasergraph] thank you for your service and friendship
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I Am Married
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