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I Hate Hillary Clinton

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You people who hate Hillary should be ashamed of yourselves. We the public owe Hillary an apology. She owes us nothing. Look at all the damage we have done to her. Like everything was her fault.
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ummmm......did you forget her role in the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi ? or the fact she has covered up more illegal crap than you could bury ? check her track record all the way back to Watergate. she lied to congress then, she lied to congress about Benghazi, she can't be trusted.
dead people and illegal voters mixed with people voting more than once. yeah, I'd say it's time to have a voter ID card to prevent crap like that happening
Oh no if you say that you are a racist Pig! Of course you need proof of who you are and where you live to get a library card but why bother with such formalities when it comes to voting. Now they have early voting and they want to extend that. I say if you are too lazy to either get out on election day or request and absentee ballot to hell with ya.
you have to have proof of who you are when getting a drivers license, why not for a voter ID card ? oh wait....dems want you to vote more than once illegally. lol
That video is Hillaryous
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hahaha I see what you did there. XD
My father was a city councilman in a small town. The job paid 2,000 a year he he probably took more crap from people than Hillary Clinton ever will. She was a US Senator and Secretary of State and both jobs are magnets for criticism. Yet when people criticize her you would think she was being beaten with a stick by their reactions.
Like Harry Truman used to say "If you can't take the heat stay out of the kitchen"!
The Clintons have chosen to be public figures and have milked what, $200 million plus out of donors. It's hard to feel sorry for them as it's the life they have chosen...
There should probably be an investigation there, too. I doubt they acquired all of that legally, and doubt even more they paid taxes on it. I mean seriously. That $200M acquisition is only since 2005. Last I checked, DoJ doesn't pay anyone $20M a year, or even anywhere remotely close to that. Their actual salaries are probably closer to 850-900K/yr.
Really? You know she's all but admitted to committing obstruction of justice vis a vis her private email server containing classified information, and before she could be investigated for misuse of classified information, she had her hard drives professionally wiped clean. If I did that, I'd get 20 years. If she does it, she becomes president. Does anyone else sense something even a little wrong with that?
I hope she gets indicted. Thrown in prison with no parole. All of her hard assets acquired from her and Bill's last 7 years of tax fraud auctioned off, and donated to help feed the hungry children of the world. That should teach her.

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I Hate Hillary Clinton
I would totally go for a woman president, just not this monster
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