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I Have a Broken Family

Never there when you need them. I’m so annoyed right now. Yet they think it’s ok to try and get me into trouble with my dad when I do teenage things such as having a guy friend or staying out late. I’m stuck in town even though I caught the quickest bus I can’t get the bus home until 9:45 been here since gone 8pm. I live in a small village that a lot of people never heard of and I phoned my dad asking him to pick me up I even offered petrol money and he refused. The rest of my family know people with cars and won’t help either. Yet they get my dad to drive them places. I’m so annoyed with how they go off , they never even visited my brother when he was dying in hospital yet they visited other family who wasn’t dying. Yet they had a nerve to come to his funeral and pay for his ashes to be put with my grandmas and that’s probably through guilt. When I was younger they didn’t want me to visit as my brother had austuim and they didn’t want to clean up his mess which I know is annoying but we didn’t visit that much. My aunties caused shit between me and my dad , saying me and Adam was up to stuff and more than friends all because he was in my hotel room chatting and joking with me. He’s got kids and he said he would never expect anything from me. I even explained to her about Adam before she found out he was in my hotel room. And loads more reasons why I think at times they aren’t family even though we are related. Act nice to your face and then they are suddenly a lot different

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