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I Dont Care About Celebrities

There are different classes of celebrity.
Actors who have earned it. Musicians and sportsmen (women?) who we enjoy watching...then "Reality TV" so-called 'stars' a bit of a paradox (Why 'stars', who end up being 'celebrities' having achieved nothing?).
Try thinking of soldiers, investigative journalists, health and care workers.
Keraunos · 31-35, M
I would not even go as far as saying that the former class have "earned it". I pine for the old days when most professional entertainers were generally considered lowly "untouchables" who were grouped in the same category as prostitutes as being unwelcome at any decent public or private occurrences.

Although oddly enough, I'm fairly opposed to the shaming of sex workers. But I guess in the age of Internet and self-managing content-producers, some sex workers are slowly moving into the category of rich entertainers anyway, though they still don't seem able to quite get beyond upper middle class on that income alone.
[@666713,Keraunos] Only now is the 'private lives' of Hollywood stars in the 1920-40s coming out..because "Dead Men/Women" cannot sue!"
As much as I hate the actions of a certain Hollywood producer...I am NOT surprised. Are you?
Keraunos · 31-35, M
Not at all. Things like institutional sexual exploitation, slavery, etc., never [i]really[/i] disappeared from history, they have just become less and less polite to point out. That, and even growing up in the 1990s/2000s, Hollywood culture appeared to me suspiciously similar in many ways to the trashier end of the spectrum of underworld culture where a lot of that stuff goes on.

Both disgust with, and inability to participate in, institutional sexual exploitation are essentially cultural phenomena confined to the mass of "common" people.
I have met plenty good celebs. Some bad ones (male and female).
We pay their wages..they should remember that!
UK nudist couple.😊

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