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How do you get a sore throat?
Yes, you read that correctly. How do you get a sore throat? I skipped school today (again) because I was anxious about a test in my AP English class again. I had my parents call in for me as sick, and the excuse was that I had a sore throat (just to mix it up because the last few times I called in sick, I had a "stomach ache"). I feel so guilty right now and I don't want to go to school today sounding clear all of a sudden.

Is there anyway I can make myself get a sore throat by tomorrow? What foods do I have to eat that will make me sick? Please don't suggest anything too dirty since I already suffer from OCD. I just hate lying to people, so I'd rather make myself live my lie rather than continue to fake the entire day through my lie. If you can't tell me how to get a sore throat, can somebody at least tell me how to fake a sore throat?
18-21, M
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Nov 16, 2016
taehyun · 18-21, F
Choke on bbc
Iamofnothing · 18-21, M
taehyun · 18-21, F
I'm sorry... Hahahaha
Take a laxative and claim you have diarrhea once it takes effect . I can't think of anything deemed 'safer'.
I have a sore throat rn, IT IS NOT FUN. Be careful what you ask for, but to fake a sore throat make your voice sound raspy and be tired, I am REALLY tired due to it. Act like you can't swallow food easily because that's what a sore throat feels like
rokrchik1211 · 22-25, F
Just yell scream and sing a lot eventually you will start to lose your voice and get a sore throat
SW User
Try singing for at least an hour. Or more. Trust me your voice suffers.
Wipe your eyes with you r fingers- do not disinfect your fingers first. Rubbing the eye is what cause most to get sick in the Winter- and is also responsible for passing on colds and flu.

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