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Have you ever been in A&E? 馃殤
18-21, F
14 replies
Apr 15, 2019
irememberhername31-35, M
Yes a lot lol
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Picklebobble251-55, M Best Answer
Oh yeah !
If you ever have kids sometimes it's a worry when the staff on duty remember you 馃槚
uncalled451-55, M
US people will think you're referring to a TV channel.

Strangely, I've been to both.
Eddiesolds56-60, M
Perry444451-55, M
Yes. A few times
JohnOlinger36-40, M
silentkillx222-25, F
whats that stand for
Elegy41-45, M
[quote]In the UK, the locals refer to the 鈥渁ccident and emergency鈥 wing of their hospitals as 鈥渢he A&E.鈥 The British use the term Emergency Room to refer to the places inside the A&E where medical work is performed, while the phrase 鈥渁ttending A&E鈥 means getting emergency care in what is known as the 鈥渃asualty department.鈥漑/quote]

JohnOlinger36-40, M
@elina So What Do You Think of Brad Pitt And Would You Do Him
elina18-21, F
[@105699,JohnOlinger][c=#666666]: You don鈥檛 need to reply to every one of my posts with the same question and different names.[/c]
JohnOlinger36-40, M
[@923482,elina] sorry I guess your not intrested
CheekyBrat26-30, F
Plenty of times
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Have you ever been in A&E? 馃殤 | Health | Similar Worlds