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How do I fake a drug test?
I know guys can hide it between their legs, but I don’t think that works too well for girls. I have a drug test for sports this week
SW User
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Feb 13, 2019
This message was deleted by the author of the main post.
Peaceful · F
Uh oh. What drug did you use and how long ago?
Peaceful · F
[@468857,Sheslikethewind] first time you ever smoked it was today?
SW User
[@21448,Peaceful] no I’ve been smoking for almost a year
Peaceful · F
[@468857,Sheslikethewind] yikes!
ISpeakTheTruth · 31-35, M
Flush it out your system with yellow root
Ryanoliver2011 · 26-30, M
Don’t do drugs in the first place lol
SW User
[@9866,Ryanoliver2011] too late for that
Depends on the kind of test. You could get synthetic urine and sneak that between your cheeks, but you’re done for if they sample hair follicle or mouth swabs.
SW User
[@420709,Antiquity] yeah it’s a pee test
Finegent · 18-21, M
you're pretty much screwed.
ForeverGrowingOld · 18-21, F
Get one of those detox drinks they sell them for like $30
gregloa · M
Don’t smoke pot. 💡
RygbiMJ12 · M
Did you pass
SW User
[@500963,RugbyFootballStudup] my sister peed in a cup I put it in a travel size shampoo bottle and taped it to my thigh
RygbiMJ12 · M
How did that work
SW User
[@500963,RugbyFootballStudup] it was awkward and uncomfortable but it stayed the right temperature so it was okay and very gross because I was handling someone else’s pee
mrwhiterabbit · 41-45, M
what's your sport / what was going to show up on the test lol
SW User
[@790671,mrwhiterabbit] I smoke pot

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