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2 min video shows cancer cells being destroyed by cannabis oil


Cannabis oil better known as “Rick Simpson Oil” is needed to cure your disease that is hard to cure... doctors vouch for it so if you want evidence you google it... lazy disbelievers

Yeah I’ve been spamming the hell out of this post because I think it’s important people know that there is a cheaper cure to their diseases . So to me it’s like knowing CPR you know? (Like I’m glad you know the knowledge in case someone needs it but I hope you never need to use it)

We may disagree but I think you and I might agree when I say that “cannabis shouldn’t be classified as a schedule 1 drug (no medical value)” it should be re scheduled so non bias research can be done by everyone from university students to real doctors only then will the truth come out ... it has the ability to heal pains and illnesses and maybe cancer? (I mean I know it does I witnessed first hand but scientifically speaking with the evidence the doubters and liars keeping it illegal for greedy purposes will stop milking the cash cow)
31-35, M
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Dec 11, 2018
Sharky86 · 31-35, M Best Answer
Meh... Idk, I've read different opinions about this. I hope we will learn more about uses of cannabis soon, cause it can be helpful, or just destroy some urban legends about it.
Sharky86 · 31-35, M
Fénks for BA
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I think they've found the cures to many diseases but there is more money in treatment not in a permanent cure to people's problems. So they make cures unavailable and give pills and treatments to suppress the symptoms. Its also about population control too I suppose.
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2 min video shows cancer cells being destroyed by ... | Health | Similar Worlds