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I see a lot of people asking questions about cbd/hemp oil products and what they are used for....
Yes, I know it sounds like an ad for some miracle cure (that usually doesnt work)...But I am talking about using cbd/hemp oil. CBD oil is the wave of the future and it has already started now. It is an amazing drug, that can be bought virtually anywhere, which, unfortunately, may be the problem. So many companies sell inferiour quality oil, overcharging potential customers, and not caring. Yes, I do distribute cbd oil, but I am also an educator on the medicinal side of using cbd oil, and I am also a user of this product, as everyone in my family is as well. It is completely amazing what cbd oil can do. I have been taking opiate drugs (legally), diazepam, and many other drugs, from the age of 12, due to various medical conditions I have. I was even told by doctors and specialists that I would never get off these drugs based on my health issues...they wont get better, or so they told me. well, I am always one for proving doctors and specialists wrong...and once again, that is exactly what i did. I have taken myself off opiates, diazepam, sleeping pills, etc...back in april and i have not looked back. I am thinking more clearly than i have in years, my pain level is now such that I can treat it with over the counter tylenol and the herbal supplement valerian root, and of course, cbd oil.

I was ripped off, almost literally, by the company I first bought the cbd oil from, because they were charging for a product they claimed was 100% pure cbd oil...what they failed to tell me or their other customers, is that it was a sub quality product, taken from the seed, not the stalk or stems, of the marijuana plant. The seeds lend only trace amounts of cbd...not what most business claim their products are. Not to mention, most companies cut their product with fillers such as coconut oil, olive oil, sweeteners, etc. I did not know any better, so i went on believing what they were selling was just an awesome product.

A friend started recruiting for the company she distributes for, so I talked to her about it and she showed me all the proof I needed to realize i was in fact being ripped off and that her company provides a far superiour product...and I did not just take her word for it, i investigated it myself and she was completely honest and spoke the truth. This is a great company, so much so that I too, started distributing it....and have had rave reviews from my customers!

If anyone at all wants to know more about cbd/hemp oil products, feel free to message me privately and I will happily tell you what it can do for you. I will help you understand what cbd does, what it can help with or even what it can cure...and what tests are being done to treat even more issues.

I look forward to hearing from you!
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Aug 15, 2018
Edited: 1 yr ago
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I'm so sorry you got ripped off?! 馃槬 We use CBD oil too. 鈽猴笍猸愶笍
annamarie6551-55, F
[@364304,Peaches] i got ripped off and so do so many others...many want to buy their oil from local stores..and most of those places sell sub quality products that are not pure and are way over priced compared to mine...that is why i started selling hurts me to see people spending so much money to feel better when i know i can help them...i sell it at my own price, not the usual going rate.
[@1927,annamarie65] Interesting! 猸愶笍

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