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Is Mouth Wash Really Not Good For The Heart??
I Started Using It Daily Twice A Day After Brushing My Teeth For A Whole Three Years!
Crab Baskets Should I Stop????
18-21, M
8 replies
Sep 3, 2017
ragingfire · 26-30, M
Don't go by those studies. They are usually full of crap. I don't see a correlation, unless they are using some chemicals that's not good for heart. To be honest these people don't know anymore what's good for you and what's not.
HoMi163 · 18-21, M
[@429468,ragingfire] I Saw It In An Certified Popular News Channel In My Country I'm Confused
ragingfire · 26-30, M
[@566054,HoMi163] They are all about money. Their ratings and more or less spread fear among audiences. That's what media does. You may do your own research and ask some medical professionals you know. Ask them everything like why, what, how, till you are convinced.
PissAndVinegar · 22-25, F know you aren't supposed to swallow it, right?
PissAndVinegar · 22-25, F
[@566054,HoMi163] Well, my mother used to. Alcohol contains a lot of alcohol, and when my father forbade her to drink, she would chug mouthwash to get drunk instead.
HoMi163 · 18-21, M
OMG It doesn't Make You drunk
PissAndVinegar · 22-25, F
[@566054,HoMi163] The kind with alcohol in it will. But it will also make you feel pretty sick.
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