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I Am Against Circumcision Without Medical Reason

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Many Christians are circumcised, but not for religious reasons. Circumcision plays no role in Christian morals or theology. Circumcision soon after birth is a Jewish and American practice. Islamic and Filipino circumcisions are generally performed on boys aged 4-10. The rite of passage circumcisions common in Africa and Polynesia are often performed on adolescents. In Europe circumcision is confined to Muslims and devout Jews.

American routine infant circumcision is not carried out in ways that minimise suffering. The AAP urges that lidocaine be used, but most doctors ignore that recommendation. There are no studies of the possible correlation between circ status and sexual function, based on large representative North American random samples. The biomedical instrumentation needed to quantify sexual sensations does not yet exist. Hence the possible adverse effects of infant circumcision on adult sexual pleasure and function are unknown. Hence we do not know if infant circumcision is "safe" or not, and the practice should cease forthwith.

Circumcision removes parts of the male body that are very sensitive and very sexual. Foreskin motion facilitates masturbation, foreplay and penetrative sex. The foreskin is much more than a mere sheath for the glans.

Many North American women who have been in relationships with both kinds of men have revealed in social media that they prefer intact partners. American medical and sexual research has yet to do a single study, based on a large random sample, of this anecdotal claim.
70-79, M
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SW User
I agree let adult men decide
Randy1986 · 31-35, M
His body his choice! Leave the males natural and intact, the way we were created. Then when we get older 'let us decide'
consa01 · 70-79, M
I agree with Randy and Faerylight. But I have read a rabbi say that if circumcision is delayed until after a boy has begun masturbating, then few males will consent to being circumcised. The rabbi essentially admitted, in a backhanded way, that the moving foreskin makes masturbation more fun. Hence boys have to be circumcised against their will when they are very young, because otherwise circumcision will seldom happen. This sort of reasoning filled the minds of the British and American doctors of 1870-1920, who urged that males be circumcised for their own good and the good of society.
Circumcision is grounded in a very patronising view of male hygiene and sexual morals. Circumcision also thrives on the fact that the tip of the penis is the most taboo part of the male body. Not only we cannot reveal it to anyone except our sex partners and doctors, it is also unmentionable. I never heard ANYONE say the word "foreskin" until I met my future wife, in my late 30s. This was especially true before the 1980s, when American obstetrics worked hard to stamp out the American foreskin, all while never talking about the fact outside of the maternity ward.
Randy1986 · 31-35, M
@consa01: I heard about that, to help prevent masturbation or to at lease reduce the pleasures of it. The still spilling lies about staying healthier if you get circumcised and it's 'cleaner'. But if one is properly informed, it's very easy to keep the foreskin clean. But my mother had me circumcised as an infant. And I was curious as to how they do the procedure, those videos of doctors on YouTube doing this to those poor babies are sickening to watch. Some people are raising awareness of this and advocating against this harmful and sometimes deadly procedure. Some babies get 'botched' sometimes during this procedure.
consa01 · 70-79, M
@Randy1986: Thanks. But you're preaching to the choir, my man. I have been trying to understand American circumcision for 50 years, and trying to stop it for 35 years. It's now a minority practice west of Denver, but convincing parents further east to give up their cherished bald penis is proving a hard row to hoe. I grew up in parts of the USA where in the typical high school gym class, EVERY boy was circumcised. Most didn'tknow it, because parents and doctors told them nothing. I never heard a lewd wisecrack about circ until I was in college.

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I Am Against Circumcision Without Medical Reason
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