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I Have Very Vivid Dreams

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Growing up I used to dream about going to Disney World all the time. I grew up in Florida so Disney World was only a couple hours away. And we would go there at least once a year. I like the Magic Kingdom the best. Epcot Center and Discovery Island and River Country and all this new stuff can kiss my ass. Had to go to the Magic Kingdom.

And in my dreams Disney World would always morph into something else. Something like the backyard of my childhood home. Or the playground of Land O Lakes Christian School. Last time I had this dream I was in US Air Force Basic Training. Lackland Air Force Base Texas. Somewhere in May 1993. I was at Disney World marching right up Main Street USA. In the direction of Cinderella's Castle. I was holding hands with my girlfriend. Not really my girlfriend. There was a girl I really like in Florida when I left for boot camp. (But that went nowhere and that's a different story.) All along the sides of Main Street were people I knew from Florida and recruits in my flight from boot camp. And somewhere from behind I could hear the 325th Drum & Bugle Corps blasting out the music of American heroism. And to the music I was Marching In step. With my left heel hitting the ground on the beat of the bass drum. And everything was changing. No longer surrounded by friends and family. Main Street USA morphed to manicured lawns to the left and right. And my mind was thinking okay these are the manicured areas in front of Cinderella's Castle. Then I noticed that girl was gone. Then I noticed Cinderella's castle was gone. Replaced by Building 9085. The 325th basic Mlitary Training Squadron. I heard silence but I kept marching. And then I heard the sound of one bugle. Sounding Reveille. But that part was real. And so started another day of USAF Basic Training.
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Feb 25, 2018
sighmeupforthat · 41-45, M
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I Have Very Vivid Dreams
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