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I Have Very Vivid Dreams

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I had a dream one night that in the guest bedroom my mom kept boxes of diapers in the closet for my nephew. I had decided to go in there and grab one. There was a bunch of boxes of diapers, not just one or two, but five or more in the closet (which looked like it was cleaned out). I thought nobody could possibly notice if a few were missing. But I took one out of the plastic package, unraveled it, put it on, and then finally taped myself shut in the cotton undergarment. I put my clothes back on to go walk around some more. I just wandered around the house, not much other then my sister and nephew were over. I decided that if there was any pull-ups in the bedroom that I'd take a package back to mine. Never did though.
18-21, F
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Feb 6, 2018
ScatTastrophy93 · 22-25, M
Sounds like you're the kinky clairvoyant to me! Nice story id love to chat I'm a honest to god clairvoyant! Blessing and curse!
KandiGhostcat · 18-21, F
[@663019,ScatTastrophy93] What's a clairvoyant?
ScatTastrophy93 · 22-25, M
A clairvoyant is a French based word for clear vision. It means you have some degree of a variety of sixth senses ranging from precognition to being sensitive to the emotions of people, places, objects, and feel them to different degrees like they're your own, it can happen awake or more that vivid dreams, if you are one you can experience a dream that's real, you know it's happening and you have full free will and everything is direct and responsive and you can remember every detail. Check it out some people are and never know it!
I have not had many dreams involving diapers but every time I did I ended up wetting the diapers in the dream but was in fact wetting my bed and would wake up soaked.
KandiGhostcat · 18-21, F
[@8093,Subsumedpat] I've had several involving diapers or something like baby bottles, sippies, etc. But that's also why in my diaper dreams I'm always dry because if I pee in the dream then I'll wet the bed by accident.
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I Have Very Vivid Dreams
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