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I Want You to Read This Before You Add Me to Your Circle

Please Read This!!... Hey, so I want you guys to know that I am NOT here for sex, or sex talk or anything sexual, so before you add me, I'm really only here to meet people and make new friends either wise I'd advise you not to add me!  :)  And if you start messaging me with sexual things I simple wont answer knowing you didn't even bother reading this! So its your choice! Choose wisely :)  Thanks.
Hi Canadianchick94,

I am Renee Yvonne fair skinned long blonde hair with a French name that my mother and father gave me. I am the fifth child that my mother gave birth to and she has spoiled me rotten and so did my Daddy when he was living. I really miss him a lot.I don't remember if I had mentioned to you that I thought I had gotten pregnant. Well, My period started this last Saturday afternoon and I was really relieved because I don't want to get pregnant before i get married. I am only 18 years old and I really love living.I go to a Computer class at a school near my apartment and where I work is also near my apartment. Both are walking distance from my apartment. This is nice since I live in Chicago and parking can be a premium. My boss has taken a real liking to me and I do a lot of paper work for him and go to a lot of meetings with him because he likes the detail that I write in my notes for him in the meetings. He has asked me several times to go with him to New York City to over night meetings for the business. He is fun to travel with. He is divorced. He is about 55 years old and I am 18 years old. When we have to walk to a meeting or someplace he said he loves it when I take his arm. He likes to feel my boobs which are not very big. I am small built. I am 36B waist 32 and hips 36. I am 5 foot 11 inches tall.He has to go to New York City again for a meeting and he has asked me to go with him. Last Sunday I went to a church service with my mother our friend Melanie and I made a commitment to God. The service was wild! There are about a thousand adults who attend the service and can they ever sing. They have a wild band and the singers are almost supernatural. I mean they can really sing. I don't know if they have had voice lessons.They had a missionary give a speech (I guess that is what you call it when they stand at a pulpit and speak). He told about people responding to a "Gospel Message" and asking Jesus to forgive them of their sin. When he talked about that I felt something inside me telling me that I have sinned like they did. After the service I explained to Melanie what I was experiencing and she told me that was God talking to my heart. She and two of her friends asked me to go to what they called the altar in front of the platform and talked to me trying to explain to me what I was experiencing and they asked me to pray with them. I think I did more crying than saying words. They were so kind to me and afterwards I felt a great relief in my mind and I guess in my heart whatever that means. My mother always said that she was a "Christian" but never took me to church. My siblings all go to church where they live. Any way Melanie said now I am a "Christian." She talked to me about my lifestyle that i was living. The lifestyle that I really enjoyed was being available to any guy who wanted it.Today at work my boss came to me and asked me to go to New York City with him for a meeting that he needed to attend. At first I wondered if I should go because he always gets one room with one bed in it. Now that I am a "Christian" what should I do? Should I even go? I asked him to give the morning to think about and he said that was fine. He also told me because of the detail work that I do to help the company to run smooth he was thinking about transferring me to another city where he had an office and to be his office manager for him. I though but didn't say anything, Are you sure you want an 18 year old "girl" being your office manager when there will more than likely be older women working in the office with a lot more years of experience.Just after lunch I told my boss I would go. I had talked to my mother and to our friend Melanie. Melanie especially told me that I should not sleep with him since he always ordered one room with one bed. I told Melanie about the one room, one bed. I know he really depends on me to take good notes and get all the necessary information that he needs. I feel like that is why he hired me and he keeps me. I should try to go beyond my abilities if I can to make him look good.Well we leave Wednesday this week. I am really nervous to the point that I am even wetting my panties. I wear mini and short skirts so I usually don't have a spot on the back of my skirt. Sometimes the hem gets damp. I wear slips under my skirts and dresses. I always have and I like the feeling and it gives me the feeling that I am dressed up.I will be picking our my outfits this evening and get my suitcase all packed. All my skirts and dresses are short. I even have a couple of micro minis skirts. I am debating which one to wear on the airplane flight. I have a real nice pleated pink skirt that is about 6 to 8 inches above my knee. I know that he likes that outfit. I think I will wear it with one of my pairs to spike heels. He is tall so I don't look taller than him in my spike heels.What do you think? Would you go with your boss and wear something that you know he likes?Thank you for listening to me Canadianchick94. I don;t know how old you are which doesn't matter to me if you are older or younger. I just appreciate you listening to me and sharing any thoughts that you want to share with me.After this meeting I will need to make a decision if I want to accept the transfer to an office that far away from Chicago. I did talk to my mother and she is a widow and said she would go with me and live in her own apartment. I asked my boss about that and he said that was fine with him and he told her he would even find a job for her. Can you imagine being a manager over your mother. That really makes me nervous. I guess it would exciting to move to a new location and meet new people.Thank you for listening to me go on and on. I guess you can tell I am a girl. I can talk and talk and my Daddy use to tell I( was one girl who could talk and talk and say nothing. I really miss him. There are times that I will go to sleep at nights crying because I miss him so much.Well, God bless you Canadianchick95,Love and prayers (I guess whatever that means),Renee Yvonne the blonde with a French name and trying to be a"Christian" too.
Hi Canadianchick94,
I am in New York City. My boss asked me to go with him to this meeting for the company. He tells me that he likes me to come because I am so thorough in my talking notes for him. He bought me a notebook lap top computer to use in the meetings. I like it because I only have to write the notes one time and I can send them to our office in Chicago and they will be printed when we arrive back home.

My boss would like for me to be the office manager at this office that he has here in New York City. This is a strange place. I don;t know if I would like to live in such a busy hectic city. I suppose some people think of Chicago being that way. I guess the difference is that I have lived in Chicago for so many years that I am familiar with it. If I would move to New York City I would have to find new friends. My mother would not be just down the street from me. My boss said to take my time to think it over. He would really like for me be a manager over one of his offices. He even had an office in London, England.

I am sharing this with you to see what you would think. The other thing I wonder about it that I am only 18 years old and will not be 19 years old until 2014. How would other girls or should say ladies respond to my leadership.

We had a good flight from Chicago early this morning and landed in LaGuardia Airport before 9:00 AM. When we landed there was a cadillac stretch limo that picked us up. It was full and I had to end up sitting on a business man's lap. He asked me to sit on his lap. He was very respectful to me. I have had to sit on men's ;
laps before and maybe you know the feeling because of what it feels like they are trying to do to you.

We had a long meeting today. I thought I would write to you before I had to go to bed.

Tell me what you think you would do if you were me.

Love and prayers, Renee Yvonne
Okay chick
I love Canadianchick
I am going to remove u, if you want a friend I am here
but u don't respond and it might be because u are busy and etc
but I don't have time to msg a chick who doesn't message back (see Madiix he would agree).
U are a sweetheart I loved the short time I had with you on here, watch out for me in the indian movies lol. But I have to move on
NO - I wont remove the pic but I will remove u BUT AGAIN, if u want a damn cool, trustworthy online friend (cos I know u get depressed and etc) then Sach/King is here for u no problem, so hit me up, but for now I am peacefully moving on babe,
I wish u nothing but love.....
PEACE, LOVE AND BLESS.................
I got my homie back!
But if you ignore me again king will have to put you through whipped cream bdsm - he whup you okay? Got it? Alright i gotta get my beauty sleep mrs busy goodnight.
I totally understand this POV, but to play devil's advocate for a min, I have a very specific fetish that is so rare that I have literally met only one person in real life that shares it, so I readily admit that my sole reason for being on EP is to explore that part of my sexuality and talk with others who share it. If I wanted to talk about normal hobbies I have friends for that so "making friends" who are thousands of miles away ain't my cup of tea, and I'm sure many others on here are in my boat where they feel more comfortable meeting others who share their secret desires in an anonymous setting. But with that said, even in my niche, the male response can be overwhelming, so I can totally get how someone with more "mainstream" sexual tastes (and can thus fulfill them more easily in real life) would want to filter that stuff out.
Hi Canadianchick94,I am Renee Yvonne1 I am 18 years old and I do have some problems that I am dealing with. From what you said in "Please Read This" some of my problems you may not want to hear about or respond to me. That is okay. In my problems one of my girlfriends and my mother explained tome how to become a Christian. I prayed a confession prayer with their help. I hope God loves me after all the things that I have done that my girlfriend said were sin. According to her the tings she said are sin I am still doing so I hope God is not mad at me. I hope you will add me to your communication list. I just got myself pregnant and I am crying a lot. Can you help me.
I feel that the biggest portion of your "problem", is that your mother has SHOVED her beliefs down your throat. As I understand, god does not get mad at ANY ONE. I have heard that he is a god of love and compassion and NOT one of judgement or anger. Christians have told me that he is a loving and forgiving deity and has no tolerance for hate. Time is short right now, but I shall get back with you very soon and help in any way that I can. LOVE and PEACE
Thank you for sharing with me. I think you would be a wonderful friend. Do you mind if I would cry when you talked to me?
I find it interesting that you have over 6k 'friends' but are posting that you are sad, lonely, and looking for someone with whom to chat. Are there other prerequisites, or special chat channels that make it hard for others to connect to accomplish that aim?

Or are really that many boorish, illiterates who don't read this, but that you have added (and never expunged) that go no further?
prettyInpink00 · 26-30, F
yeah the second point you made is the correct answer.
I still dont understand.
I am from the east of London in the U K and am 45 years older then 21 and tin can(man) why on earth would I need to write anything sexual to anyone beggars believe In London we have Cockney rhyming slang which I've used since childhood. Here a few of them. A ball of chalk (walk) along the frog and toad(road) with the trouble and strife(wife) and the dustbin lids (kids) went for a bee hive (drive) in the jam jar (car) there are thousands of slang words make of this what you will !!!!
Yo kinky
I aint a pervert
just got a perverse sense of humour
so stop ignoring me.
If you continue to
I will talk to the higher ups and ban you from ep along with your french boyfriend
(pllleeassee tell me he aint french Canadian) BOOM
I am too cool and you are cooler so lets chat instead of not.
But right now?
I gotta eat its
Diwali and I gotta catch a beauty sleep.
Well, you are absolutely right to say that. Some of us guys need that to be spelled out. Certainly life isn't just sex !
I noticed that you could not wait for dance camp, and were very excited. That's lovely. I hope it goes well. My sister taught dancing all her life.
Check me out if you are interested in talking to a much older guy.
Peter x
prettyInpink00 · 26-30, F
thanks i appreciate this comment a lot :)
Well I know i'm guilty of that. I am a very decent looking clean in good shape guy , im well respected. I am just very lonely and have a sexual drive and fantasies, and fetishes that get me excited so I apologize if I have been to blunt with any ladies, I don't mean to be. If you new me you would totally understand.
Got it. You and me both. I'm here to explore the parts of my sexuality that I, along with most other people, are discouraged from talking about in normal life, but that only goes as far as stories, and a few pics. Friend-wise, I'm just here to meet people with similar interests and communicate a little. Add me if you like.
I totally understand. Im kinda here for the same reasons. If you dont want someone sending innuendo online thats understandable and should be respected.

Now that thats acknowledged Would you like to be my friend without benefits? ^_^
prettyInpink00 · 26-30, F
haha sure <3
Thank ya!! ^_^
The biggest problem with the Internet, today is anonymity, and the choice many take to throw out respect and honor. These people when interacting in real life KNOW they would either get knocked down or jailed for saying some of the stuff they say online. I applaud your willingness to say how you feel about it and acting on it.
"Yeah I met this chick at the gym called Paloma
and she has the perfect mouth for gagging king. But I love hearing that heavy breathing and oh those eyes during an intense blowjob is enough to make a motherfucker be finished right off in 30 seconds MAN!,,,,,,,,,,"
i agree completely. sometimes you just wanna read some of this stuff and follow it without all the nasties following you back. im the same way. its just a way to get off that people think you are dirty 100% of the time that is just not true. lol
prettyInpink00 · 26-30, F
thank you!!
Good Job I love your comment and what you do is yours I have a saying it goes like this and its short to the point (To Each Their Own) and that's the way it should be And Thank You Again for adding me hope to chat with you and the only speed in life is GodSpeed For now
Well said, and I agree, having an interest in a topic or subject matter is only sharing an interest in that topic not an open invitation of any kind, I like the basic concept of this site though there seem to be an over abundance of creeps and pervs of both genders.
Very well said. I can honestly say I am probably one of the few guys on here that looks for friendship and nothing else. I've talked to a few women on here that say guys treat them like a piece of meat. It's pretty damn sad. Grow up guys!
Yes that is true!
I don't care about sex ,i just don't understand why you add everyone out of there,check your friend list (9.000 friends already)you should clean your friend list but you keep everyone hironically
I am wondering about all ur experiences and friends. How long have u been doing this and how did u get so many friends. If you are 21 and u started at 16 that would be 4 friends a day. Ep allie doesnt even have that many. How do u do it?
can you message me please it wont let me message you for some reason
prettyInpink00 · 26-30, F
both, whats ur kik name?
Isn't the idea that it's impossible to meet someone on this site that could flourish to something beyond friendship a little narrow minded and limiting to others and yourself?
I appreciate the heart, but I want a response lol.
I found this because of those "sexual" things. It's interesting.

But I like this because of what it actually is for: meet people who like the same stuff. And I love drums
Thank you for answering my first letter to you. That is special and thank you for sharing what you did share. I appreciate your being forthright.

Renee Yvonne
You're safe, i like women but i also like women as friends, if a woman has sexual experiences it doesn't make me into some sexual fanatic no matter how many guys are like that.
i like it, we all enjoy a flirt and laugh, but it is nice to get to know people and make new friends around the world. Listen to their stories and ideas and generally have fun
thank you for adding me
I don't want sex, I have a girlfriend, just like making new friends and chatting in the nude
so I appreciate you being so candid and I hope you have a wonderful evening
If you're looking for a new friend, just add me! I'm new here and I like meeting new people ^.^
prettyInpink00 · 26-30, F
add me :)
There's an error thing that appears every time I try to add you?
I too am here to meet people, mostly with alternative/fetish lifestyles like my own. Please feel free to add me, I am here for the same reasons :)
Um maybe being on a list saying "I like to talk dirty "is a magnet for people. They're gonna keep bugging you. Might changethat to make life easier, just a thought.
An extremely mature and extremely valid attitude for such a young lady. I heartily agree with you and wish you a long and very happy life.
You seem to be one of the few, who has a bunch of mature experiences, but your not like that, for lack of a better statement. You're awesome!
Well said young lady hey you cute you would make my friends list look please add me and if you ever want to chat or just need a shoulder just knock on my door ; )
Good for you girl, i'm Robynlynn and would like nothing but advice on being girly if that's ok with you?? Hope you'll be a friend??♥♥♥
Love and Hugs Robyn♡♡♡♥♥♥
Its sad that you have to post something like this... I hope that people have taken the time to read it and thus have cut down on the inappropriate messages.
I have heard you but I am curious as to why you choose this site to find friends you seem like a very likeable girl
this is so perfect! people always assume that just because you have sexual experiences, thats all you want! so annoying
I'm of the same school of thought. Though I do also every now and then enjoy sexual experiences that's not all I wnjoy
OK, no sexual messages but do you mind if I say I like what I can see of your profile pic.

Thank you, sir.
I too miss communication. I just feel so alone. I work with many people all day but go home alone. good luck to you and be careful little one.
Understood ma'am.

I don't know who would be stupid enough to do that anyways.
You'd be surprised haha
I bet I just might be.
Read and understood. I may decide to add you to my circles but I won't be making any sexual approaches. I am impotent due to diabetes.
im glad i read this, because i was about to say that, "i don't know what it is, but there is something i find sexy about canadian chicks" :)
I'm looking for friends too maybe we can be friends :)

If you're wondering about the name well it's a long story
Sex is a part of who I am, but not all of who I am. I suspect you are very interesting in a multitude of ways.
And so am I, just to meet new and interesting people.

LOVE and RESPECT from The Netherlands,

Noted ;) I like that you speak out your mind. That is sexy for me...and smart. Can I request that you add me?
its kind of funny, being pretty gets u a lot of friends, also troublesome testosterones.
hey I thought all candadians were as horny as billy goats??
prettyInpink00 · 26-30, F
well that's what I heard.....
I understand exactly. The anonymity of the interwebz makes some people lose all their brains.
It seems that over 1000 friends here. You just looking for the right one. Maybe I am that one?

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