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I Am Curious
I've been watching this anime about a girl who can only remember 13 hours into the past, and it's really made me think about memory loss, and seriously mentally disabled people generally.

The anime shows her memory loss as a curse, but in the happy scenes I see something different going on. Every day, she can wake up and experience the novelty of the world all over again. The happiness associated with discovery and novelty is huge, and for her it is limitless. Trying to remember is painful, but being able to rediscover is like a blessing. If this happened in the real world, couldn't we create the happiest person possible? They could rediscover the world's most amazing things as if they'd never seen them before every day, living in a eternal state of happiness and discovery. A plastic and unoriginal state of happiness yes, but happiness nonetheless. That wouldn't matter to someone who couldn't remember, could it?

What are your thoughts about memory loss? Would you consider it a blessing or a curse? Both? Why?

(The anime is "Ef: A tale of memories". It should really be called "Ef: A tale of feels" though)
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Wow. I am not really into anime but this sounds interessting.

Blessing or curse, you say?

It's a blessing when you have been through something you don't want to remember, no matter what. For example, my girlfriend once got raped and who wants to remember such a thing. So a memory loss would be great (kinda) if you could just forget what happens. But it is the whole package so, depends how worth it is to lose everything.

I don't think it's a curse as I honestly don't belive in any such. But as you said, it would be amazing to be able to rediscover amazing things anytime, anywhere.

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