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I Am Considering Divorce

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Today I am having my first first date in 32 years. its just lunch. its in a public place. I am nervous but excited. mostly nervous. wish me luck.
51-55, F
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Jul 12, 2018
SW User
Best Wishes lovely 馃槉 馃槝
Compliant61-69, M
Your first date in 32 years and your already considering divorce! 馃槺
Fntxcple36-40, M
Good luck!
eatpraylove51-55, F
thanks for all the well wishes everybody. the date was nice. I liked him. he was nice to me... and I stopped being nervous after only a minute. whew!!
FunReader5546-50, M
[@770589,eatpraylove] oh, lol, sorry, just wondered what the first new kiss in 32 years was like!
eatpraylove51-55, F
[@24791,FunReader55] no kiss. but I liked him and I think he liked me but not sure.
FunReader5546-50, M
glad it went well!
This message was deleted by its author.
AllAboutLaffs70-79, M
Good luck !!
SW User
I hope it went well or goes well. Hard to keep track of the time difference, I鈥檓 in the uk
melbeacher56-60, M
Good luck. Let us know how it turns out !
How did you date go? (Did you find you didn't have anything to be nervous about?)
eatpraylove51-55, F
[@176592,sophrai] it was very nice. not scary after the first minute. then before bed he texted me that he enjoyed our date!!!!!
[@770589,eatpraylove] Very nice. Maybe the connection will continue and the relationship will grow.

Best of Luck.
justfun51-55, M
Good luck hope you get through everything and come out smilling

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I Am Considering Divorce
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