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I Am Considering Divorce

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Today I am having my first first date in 32 years.
its just lunch. its in a public place.
I am nervous but excited. mostly nervous.
wish me luck.
51-55, F
37 replies
Jul 12, 2018
Goralski51-55, M
Ya find him on Craigslist馃槙
eatpraylove51-55, F
[@343077,Goralski] you are wrong about what kind of woman I am.
Goralski51-55, M
[@770589,eatpraylove] hmmmmm jumping to conclusions are we
eatpraylove51-55, F
[@343077,Goralski] yes you are
Primnproper51-55, F
Good luck, I remember my first time after breaking away and it was nerve racking but it might surprise you and be easier than you think..鈽
eatpraylove51-55, F
[@1317,Primnproper] thank you
SW User
All the best. I hope it goes well for you
FunReader5546-50, M
best of luck with the whole situation!!
Enjoy yourself 馃槉
Fishing6551-55, M
Good luck hope you have a great time
SteveTomms51-55, M
Best of luck!
Skills2246-50, M
Good luck honey hope it works out for you
Cantsayno51-55, M
Good luck and have fun !!!
amvanquish46-50, M
Have a good time.

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I Am Considering Divorce
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Today I am having my first first date in 32 years.... | I Am Considering Divorce | Similar Worlds