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I Need a Vacation

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I so need a vacation right now. I am so tired and stressed.
31-35, F
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Jan 11, 2019
Montanaman56-60, M
CoffeeFirst51-55, F
Amen, me, too. Hope you can plan a few days in the future.
Bittersweet8431-35, F
Will have to negotiate that with work. I am hoping for a weekend break! Hell yeah! Bring it on.[@372602,CoffeeFirst]
rokrchik121122-25, F
Me to. Like a nice warm beach vacation
Bittersweet8431-35, F
I know right? Laying under the sun on a white sandy beach with margarita or mojito.. Waaaahhhh. [@1024,rokrchik1211]
Go for it. 馃槑
Bittersweet8431-35, F
Yes,sipping a tequila sunrise while having a feet massage on the beach. Weekend break, bring it on![@556541,Littlepuppywantsanewlife]
[@719298,Bittersweet84] 馃榿
Is there a way you can negotiate that?
[@719298,Bittersweet84] Wow. Are you really tied to that job?
Would you really like to work someplace else? I think [b][i]I[/i][/b] would.
Bittersweet8431-35, F
It鈥檚 the only way I can work at the moment, as it is a homebased online job. I have no other means for a child care support unfortunately. I am missing working for a UK company. I miss the paid holidays. 馃槦[@176592,sophrai]
[@719298,Bittersweet84] Okay. And that's just for now, though.
Bittersweet8431-35, F
Let鈥檚 go! [@605074,Blondie03]
Sounds good[@719298,Bittersweet84]!!!
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I Need a Vacation
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I so need a vacation right now. I am so tired and ... | I Need a Vacation | Similar Worlds