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I Like to Take Pictures

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[c=#BF0000]something I baked last year[/c][image=]
26-30, F
10 replies
Feb 14, 2019
SW User
Its not something its cake 馃構
Harlow26-30, F
[@441654,Popobandar] it鈥檚 a gingerbread cookie 馃槀
SW User
Still it鈥檚 niceee [@893783,Harlow]
english51-55, M
awwww you sure it was last year, and not on 5 th birthday oh god the old bloke cant remember wether he happy valentined you earlier this morning or not,he is prolly high or drunk or both, just in case 馃尮馃嵕馃 馃
Harlow26-30, F
[@644861,english] 馃槈馃 I made some this year too but this one is prettier lol 馃槀
english51-55, M
[@893783,Harlow] we like pretty (the other poor cookies) cheers my little suzy homemaker. 馃
river5261-69, M
Harlow26-30, F
[@527461,Teggy] there鈥檚 one with your name on it 馃槈
XDHyperGirlXD126-30, F
I still waiting on u to bake me cookies :D
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I Like to Take Pictures
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