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I Am Only Very, Very Curious

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Wow!I seem to be 1st to join this group. I think thats a first!
For those that don't know,I am part of the Autism Spectrum Disorder,and thus,my brain works/process things,little differently,than most. some might disagree,(Like my dumb Dad),but I don't believe that is a bad thing,tho does to annoy ppl.
While people believe me(or not),this is very true,and has been since I was like 5-pretty sure.I am always asking things(There is usually a slight variation if q's seem same to someone),and asking a lot of things is how i learn best,keeps conversation going(Don't like them stopping suddenly),and makes chatting more fun(be pretty boring otherwise).
I ask what I find interesting(so personal stuff makes sense),but promise I don't do this to be rude or stalk anyone,after looking thru their groups(I believe,that is,part of the point,of using SW)!?
Its not that i don't understand that similar questions will annoy ppl,but its not easy for me to reword q's(in my head),so I'd if ppl will just go along with it,and agree this is as a good as other topic(and prob more exciting)!
It may also be helpful if the other person asks q's,as well.
I don't believe curiosity(as extreme as mine might be),should be a reason to get blocked/ignored,I try hard(and very rarely),due that to others-for any reason-and believe this idea,should work both ways.
I'm on SW a lot(usually),because I enjoy getting to know new/different ppl(quite well-that is the point of having friends),both on here,and in real life.
Hopefully now,I won't get ignored/blocked as often or told its being thought about.Would u want me to block you????Its very unlikely that I would.Think about that next time u want/about to hit that!
31-35, M
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Jul 8, 2018

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I Am Only Very, Very Curious
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Wow!I seem to be 1st to join this group. I think t... | I Am Only Very, Very Curious | Similar Worlds