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I dated a very religeous girl once that was always pushing me to covert to her religion.

Once I made it clear it was not happening the relationship went south. Would you convert for the person you loved?
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Negative. I have no religion.
Nanori26-30, F
Lol no, I dated an atheist when i was a hardcore believer of God, I left him alone but he kept bringing it up time to time, untill one day we decided to debate it and after 4 days of discussing and arguing I saw the flaws in the system of beliefs and became an atheist 馃槀
Kwek0036-40, M
[@934648,Nanori] Anyone can be religious, just depends on what premisses you either conciously or unconciously accepted during your lifetime. If you are deeply religious, these premisses are deeply worked into peoples' worldviews, loosing them is like seeing reality through an entire new lense. For a lot of people, that is a painfull experience.
Nanori26-30, F
[@421865,Kwek00] it was a very painful and dark experience for me, I really needed a God to believe in at that point in my life
Kwek0036-40, M
[@934648,Nanori] For a lot of people... that's why so many people refuse to pass that door and go into full denial. It's emotional to the point that some people experience hysteria.
Unlearn36-40, M
mrlopez26-30, M
hell no
Kwek0036-40, M
Kimchigirl31-35, F
I was that religious girl
Quetzalcoatlus41-45, M
[@1201561,Kimchigirl] Not anymore?
Kimchigirl31-35, F
[@946009,Quetzalcoatlus] More spiritual
DawsonsGrove51-55, F
Absolutely not ever
hunkalove61-69, M
If she had a cute butt.
If you convert for your partner, how genuine is the conversion then?
[@934648,Nanori] They didn't realise how much of a catch you are? 馃ズ
Nanori26-30, F
[@444927,Classified] haha aww 馃槞 a good man is difficult to find, someone who wouldn't exploit u... You know
[@934648,Nanori] There should be more than a man then only not exploiting you. 馃槱
LostOrchid18-21, F
Sure. It doesn't hurt 鈽猴笍
HauntedWitch56-60, F
No, I couldn't join a religious group just to please someone else. I would have to truly believe. I know people who have converted without believing due to marriage. I don't know how they can feel comfortable with that.
Quetzalcoatlus41-45, M
[@1212591,HauntedWitch] I've heard of people doing crazier things for love..
HauntedWitch56-60, F
[@946009,Quetzalcoatlus] Oh for sure -- particularly when people are young... And I don't think it's 'crazy' to convert to please someone. I just don't know how they can reconcile it to their consciences to pretend about something so serious.

But maybe it isn't serious to them!
Quetzalcoatlus41-45, M
[@1212591,HauntedWitch] Ya if I loved her enough I probably would鈥檝e converted. What do I care if just go through the motions to please the family..
WalkingLoner22-25, M
Not for the person, per se. But if there are other benefits, I could. Because on a deeper level I think all of them are propagating the same thing so I don't think I'd be sacrificing anything by converting.
I couldn鈥檛 lose what I have now.
causernamebemyusername26-30, M
Hell no.

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