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TheHighlander · 36-40, M
Do i sound like i'm kidding? I'm saying this because i'm able to do it.
dubkebab · 51-55, M
[@1183881,TheHighlander] Indulge my curiosity...does one who has this special ability need to limit their food intake to say,rice and a few turnips or could they transmute 1/3 of a cream pie?
TheHighlander · 36-40, M
[@398659,dubkebab] To get the stomach and other chakras fully activated, is best not to eat at all! Only drink water. Consuming vitamin tablets/pills is acceptable. But avoid consuming food especially one that contains calories. The body must not have energy supply instead you must only rely on your soul/spirit to keep you moving, only with your faith and honor as a guide! All yogis of the ancient time did the same thing in order to achieve godhead or attained the point of evanescence(able to disappear/teleport the physical body from one place to another by using the force). However, not everyone is able to tolerate this strict power meditation way. If ur really interested in achieving such feats, you may eat but limit your food intake and avoid food that contain calories in order to expand the human soul more rapidly. Once the human spirit/soul had completely overtake the human body, you can start eating as usual. There will no longer be a turning back or the chakras will no longer closed up. It stays activate all the time. Also, try not to sleep a lot as this weakens the meditation process. you need to strive in order to exert the human soul for activation. This explains why Bodhidharma cut his eyelid with a knife thousands of years ago.
dubkebab · 51-55, M
[@1183881,TheHighlander] Facinating.Thanks for explaining.

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