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I Love Taking Long Hot Showers

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(Dat group pic btw ;) )

Uh...anyway 馃槬

I am awful for these lol, I spend so much time in the shower lol

Maybe too much time, but who's counting right? xD
22-25, F
44 replies
Nov 1, 2016
Imherefkrawhile36-40, M
I spend to much time in the tub lol
Imherefkrawhile36-40, M
What group pic lol
Imherefkrawhile36-40, M
@Fangirlsarah1996: yes
Fangirlsarah199622-25, F
Then you won't see it ;)
Imherefkrawhile36-40, M
@Fangirlsarah1996: awe
yeronlyman46-50, M
lol... she looks pretty squeaky clean... lol

ChasingBrainBros31-35, M
My wife just gets in and lays down. She can be up to 40 minutes. 馃槀
BABALOO6436-40, M
Me too!
SW User
I take 2 showers per day.. and some can take long lol
SW User
@Fangirlsarah1996: yes.. in summer i can take up to 4. Hehe
Fangirlsarah199622-25, F
A very clean girl you are <3
SW User
@Fangirlsarah1996: yeah I am.. only way to be aint it.. 馃槈馃槏
sarabee199522-25, F
Mmmm ... very nice group pic! And what's too long? There's no such thing.
Fangirlsarah199622-25, F
@sarabee1995: @ThatGirlSara: Are we doing back stuff? I wanna join in...
ThatGirlSara18-21, F
@Fangirlsarah1996: oh yes 馃槒馃槏
zerofuks2give36-40, M
Does anyone need a loofah?
Me too. It's one of my favorite things. I actually prefer showers over baths lol
Fangirlsarah199622-25, F
Yeah, they're much easier to prank you with 馃槤
@Fangirlsarah1996: Well yeah, but I know you'd never do that :p
Nylon256-60, M
Sounds good to me smooth & clean!!!

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I Love Taking Long Hot Showers
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(Dat group pic btw ;) ) Uh...anyway 馃槬 I am awful... | I Love Taking Long Hot Showers | Similar Worlds