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What’s your opinion on half iced tea / half lemonade?
Doesn’t matter the brand, although I prefer Arnold Palmer.

I think it’s really good. What about y’all?
22-25, F
15 replies
Oct 6, 2019
Kiriko · F
Kiriko · F
[@689734,maryannspring] [c=#359E00]oh.. we don't have it here[/c]
maryannspring · 22-25, F
[@659125,Kiriko] that’s unfortunate, but you should try it when you get the chance
Kiriko · F
[@689734,maryannspring] [c=#359E00]maybe, importing[/c] 😄
StrangeLove · 41-45, F
I like it
REMsleep · 36-40, F
I am the biggest iced tea conisouer in the Southern United States and all I can say to that is yuck!!!
mamabear1121 · 41-45, F
I like Arnold Palmer, too. I believe it has less sugar than other Arizona drinks.
maryannspring · 22-25, F
[@876949,mamabear41] huh, I didn’t know that.
mamabear1121 · 41-45, F
[@689734,maryannspring] Yep. Doesn't have the high fructose corn syrup, I think.
MougyWolf · 31-35, M
I love it, SO thirst quenching!
Why not full?
Heartless · 41-45, M
SW User
It's pretty good. I'm actually drinking some now.
Ferrari21 · 26-30, M
Half/Half is the best. Sooooo good lol.

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