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Have you boycotted palm oil yet?
This 2min animation is about the sweetest most moving tale I've seen since Hiyao Miyazaki's Howl's Moving Castle. I love it, but it makes me cry every night since I saw it first.

Please watch it, and help us all stop the demand. If demand drops, supply will follow. Share it with your friends, so they can help too. It's not just orangutans, you know.

For those not on Facebook,
31-35, M
15 replies
Sep 16, 2018
Edited: 1 yr ago
LiMustache · 36-40
I dont think i have ever bought any?
OpenFiresides · 31-35, M
Ahaaaaa yucky like taste bad? :) sorry my bad I made an ass of u and me. Apologies. It's still an interesting logic, to apply that to all companies consistently would be a challenge indeed :)
LiMustache · 36-40
[@168178,OpenFiresides] yeah their product was gross. So i refused to buy anything further from them if they felt it was fine to sell such inferior products to people. Its basically garbage
OpenFiresides · 31-35, M
Fair play.
i cant do facebook any other place?
[@168178,OpenFiresides] thanks! will do
and yeah facebook IS sad lol
[@168178,OpenFiresides] dang that was harsh
I do often think
"we are well and truly fuckt"
OpenFiresides · 31-35, M
Oh gosh wow. I meant it is sad that I think everyone is on Facebook... lol. I use it to share such things as this , and to learn about the good that is going on in the world - sharing that as I find it. Not many others do that in my experience, but heyho. Sorry I momentarily sounded harsh, I didn't mean to.

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Have you boycotted palm oil yet? | Food | Similar Worlds