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Are you a breast or a leg type of guy??
46-50, F
44 replies
Aug 23, 2016
MalteseFalconPunch · 31-35, M fried chicken?
thememphisbelle · 46-50, F
MalteseFalconPunch · 31-35, M
Breast then. White meat all the way.
thememphisbelle · 46-50, F
Oh I do agree!!
Goralski · 46-50, M
Somewhere inbetween
In the food category... I see what you did there ;)
I vote breast by the way, even though the question wasn't directed at me.
thememphisbelle · 46-50, F
Breast all the way for sure!!
Spokeskitties75 · 41-45, M
Any dark meat
Flenflyys · 26-30, F
I prefer wings
SW User
Extra crispy. I'll take whatever you have.
maxlaff · 51-55, M
cant i have both ?
thememphisbelle · 46-50, F
Hmmm...q little greedy huh?😜
maxlaff · 51-55, M
hey i'm a growing lad ;-)
Aiyana ·
Chicken thighs are the best
ZzLig ·
I'm not a guy but I like boneless skinless meat
KeasbeyNights · 26-30, M
Legs, obviously.
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Are you a breast or a leg type of guy?? | Food | Similar Worlds