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For parents with school age kids
If your school confiscated any junk food you sent in your kids pack lunch and asked you to instead give them healthy options like fruit juice apples sandwiches etc or 2 pound for a healthy school meal would you be happy to do so or moan that they were out of order .
51-55, M
9 replies
Jan 11, 2018
ZenKitzune · F
My kids school doesn't allow chocolate and crisps. I don't mind as I don't like them eating junk food.
Rhodesianman · 51-55, M
[@383673,coldchild] I agree I was the same with my kids .I asked because I was watching the news last night and parents were complaining about it, which I don't get, the schools are just looking out for their kids health you would think they would be pleased about it .
ZenKitzune · F
[@470110,Rhodesianman] people are uneducated about what this stuff is doing to their kids and tbh the government guidelines are based on very little actual data and research. Unless you really look into things yourself then it's easy to remain uninformed.
Sarahsummersrockz · 18-21, F
[@470110,Rhodesianman] Those parents are lazy so and sos and can't be bothered to eat healthy themselves. Getting their children healthy food means they have to have healthy food and they don't want to do that because then they would lose their own tyres.
MethDozer · 36-40, M
It's not really the schools business to tell parents what to feed their kids.
It's out of line big brother BS IMHO.
SW User
Some schools need to get a grip! Everything in moderation and if that means the odd sweet treat or packet of crisps then they to get over it lol
cherokeepatti · 61-69, F
I don't think they have a right to do that. I am making really health meals but if someone didn't know any better they might look at what I send and believe it has sugar and other stuff that's not healthy. I am making low-carb chocolate milk, cupcakes (using almond meal, coconut flour, stevia, etc.) and other foods every day. Stopped him from eating school cafeteria provided meals.
This message was deleted.
Sharon · F
I'd do more than moan. For a start I'd report the robbery (I'd presume force or the threat of force was involve d thereby making it robbery rather than simple theft). I would follow that up with legal action against the school.
Sharon · F
I'd report the robbery to the police.
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