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I Get Spanked

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Got one this morning. Came in late last night so mom told me she was going to deal with me in the morning as dad is away, Of course I knew I'd be spanked so I spent a worried night last night.
This morning I stayed in my pjs and went downstairs when I heard mom about. She told me I was in for a spanking and to stand in the corner until she was ready. Had to stand there like a little kid until she'd finished her coffee and then she called me to get, gave me a short lecture and told me to get over her knee.
I spent most of this morning lying on my tummy trying to cool my bum down. I'm doing homework sitting on cushions. Not a good start to Saturday!
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Mar 16, 2019
JT123 · M
Hope you learned something!
funfan · M
[@904774,karly] you're so welcome 👻 I think they are mostly just fantasy stories... fantasy bullshit? lol
karly · 18-21, F
[@408980,funfan] hahaha..i agree
funfan · M
[@904774,karly] you're real and I like that alot! 👍👍👍
MKimS · 18-21, F
I feel for you miss, if that's of any comfort.
1olderguy20 · 56-60, M
Hope you didn't get the paddle
Louis54 · 61-69, M
Waiting is always hard, and waiting in the corner with your pants down is the worst of all!
karly · 18-21, F
[@648041,Louis54] why would it be? you are in your own home...if it's true...not like a classroom from the 70s sitting in the corner with a dunce cap on... I had to look that up on google
1olderguy20 · 56-60, M
[@904774,karly] dunce caps were used in the basement forties and fifties I think
Rachely3 · 26-30, F
Oh god I HATED having to stand in the corner waiting for my stepmom to decide it was time for my spanking!
Sej1976uk · M
Bare bottom
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I Get Spanked
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Got one this morning. Came in late last night so m... | I Get Spanked | Similar Worlds