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I Get Spanked
I've been slacking on school work. I am in college so it's very important. Here lately I've been sick off and on. And I've been lazy and haven't even thought much about it. I do my classes online so I can do them from home. So this morning I was off work and so was he. I logged into my work and I had all Fs in all my classes. I clicked off of it when my boyfriend walked behind me. He asked me what I was on and I said nothing. He then clicked the browser and seen it. "Lexi!! What is this?!" I said I forgot about it. He put my laptop on the table and grabbed my arm. I got up and followed him. He bent me over the edge of the couch and started spanning me with his hand over my pj bottoms. He kept saying that I was better than that. And I'm smart I should have better grades then that. And so on. After I couple minutes he pulled my pj bottoms down exposing my bare butt. Then started spanking me again. He wasn't doing it hard hard but enough for it to sting. Finally he stopped and I pulled my pants up. He said "now you got til Friday to turn in all that work and you better have a C or higher. I said okay and started walking back to the couch. He smacked my butt one more time super hard. I instantly started rubbing it. I sat back down on the couch and started doing my work. I already turned in 2 assignments!
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herhehelp · 51-55, M
Good for you.
waterman1005 · 51-55, M
Sometimes all you need is a little motivation!
Fishing65 · 51-55, M
I hope you get caught up before Friday
DuchessSona · 26-30
good tbfh
TheStomachSadist · 26-30, M
"Sick off and on"? With what ailment(s)?
Lex222 · 22-25, F
Like a cold. Throwing up coughing stuffy nose
TheStomachSadist · 26-30, M
Throwing up? Omg. Like due to stomach flu or something? Sick/upset stomach or did your stomach hurt/stomach ache? How awful. Poor dear. Did that make the spankings worse?
MasterDvdC · 61-69, M
I would have started with the bare butt and then removed all your clothes and you wouldn't get them back until your work was done.
Pop0159 · 61-69, M
Some of us need a little extra motivation to do what's best .. .. it woukd be one thing if yiu were struggling but making a sound effort .. .. pure laziness is inexcusable .. .. ..

Do you have all A's now .. .. ..

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