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I need urgent help! Read all! Reaching out to you again!

Guys. I have an odd problem IRL (as usual). People blush when they see me. They seem to become depressed from always blushing. What should I do?

We are talking both men and women. They look completely depressed and angry as if they are blaming ME for constantly making them blush simply by existing...
So now my question is:

If I meet a girl and she begins to turn extreeemely red from talking to me, then, what's the nicest thing I can do for her? What would you have wanted me to do if you were her?

This is similar to what I look like by the way, like a hybrid of Omar Burkan Gala (google his name) and this guy named Thomas:

Showing you these pics so you can see what causes the problem. My face is not normal. It's pale and my brows are very sharp! Omar Burkan Gala by the way was BANNED from Saudi Arabia for being too handsome, so you can tell there is something WRONG with our faces that make people even ANGRY with us!

Please help me! I could get fired from my job if all customers hate me!

I am begging you! Working today 9 to 5, I'm f**king sad, so help me!

I'm 100% serious. If anyone wants they can skype me to see my face. I am 100% serious and I need help! People are ANGRY with me, blaming me for making them blush! Please tell me what to tell them! I am going to get fired!
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Munchingonspaghetti · 22-25, F Best Comment
Act like you never noticed that they blushed and play it cool? Maybe they are blushing because you are blushing? Or giving off a certain vibe? Maybe it’s not your looks because right now you are simply assuming it’s your looks. Have you ever asked anyone? If you really want the answer, ask one of the people blushing. Otherwise, act like it never happened and carry on as normal. As you’re just going to build on anxiety

Fairydust · F
You need to put some clothes on.
iamgettinga · 22-25, M
[@1042,Fairydust] Give me serious advice please! Help me! Please! I get fired!
Fairydust · F
[@1193087,beachiestbeach] smile more 😁 give people a warming welcome.
Tres13 · 51-55, M
Cool story
iamgettinga · 22-25, M
I am serious.

Give me serious advice please! Help me! Please! I get fired. My life is hell because of this. Help me, somehow [@476434,Tres13]
I knew a guy with a similar problem...it was his eyes:
The most striking light grey eyes you've ever seen.

He ALWAYS wore glasses .
I asked him about his glasses once....and he showed me his eyes .
And as tolerant of unusual appearances, even I caught my breath at his mesmerising eyes.

You can't change what you have....but you can change your own attitude.

Maybe ....instead on concentrating on others reactions, look past it.

And eventually....they will too.
iamgettinga · 22-25, M
[@710185,BoobooSnafu] What I'm also wondering is, is there a breaking point for people when they've been blushing too long? Because they look broken.

Let me give you a scene from my life:
I talk to a customer for 5 minutes a time, perhaps 5 times per day, for 2 weeks.
During these talks, the person is completely red in the face to an abnormal level, they look lost in the eyes, like they are about to "faint" from how embarrassed they are. A bit like they are shocked that this is happening to them.
I then see them from afar, when they don't notice me, I see their face is back to normal when they don't notice me there, and I see them looking sad in a sofa as if their whole life was destroyed.

What should I do? This is how a lot of people react to me.
[@1193087,beachiestbeach] I've already suggested all i can.

Perhaps be thankful that you're not ugly , or have slurred speech.

People react worse to that.if they're not shunning you or walking away...then they'll get over it.

Humans are adaptable.
iamgettinga · 22-25, M
[@710185,BoobooSnafu] I am grateful. I just don't know how to live without a job though. If I get fired because people got angry from blushing over me, that's one of the most pathetic things I've ever heard of in history of mankind. I am trying to be nice to them.

Is there any form of apology they'd like from me?
Talisman · 51-55, M
Maybe it's your body language rather than your physical looks?
Talisman · 51-55, M
[@1193087,beachiestbeach] not saying you should change. If there's one you trust, ask them what it is. Maybe it's your after shave?
iamgettinga · 22-25, M
[@14265,Talisman] Can I tell them something to calm them down?
Talisman · 51-55, M
[@1193087,beachiestbeach] maybe ask someone in your family, they will know you best. Good luck
Lol 😂 😂 😂 😂
iamgettinga · 22-25, M
my rules: i act normal. to 100%. i dont avoid them.

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