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I Went Barefoot For a Week Straight

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I went barefoot from June right through to just last week. It was absolutely amazing.
18-21, F
40 replies
Oct 29, 2018
SW User
Amateur 馃槒 lol
KatieJ18-21, F
Haha no bottoms 馃檴[@420444,BareKitty]
SW User
[@644187,KatieJ] Don't need them if your tops long enough 馃構
KatieJ18-21, F
True 馃槂[@420444,BareKitty]
I enjoy that myself
QuietSophie18-21, F
Well done girl! Were your bare toes getting a little icy? 馃槵
KatieJ18-21, F
Yours too 馃槉 [@385513,QuietSophie]
QuietSophie18-21, F
[@644187,KatieJ] We should defrost our little piggies together in a nice warm bath 馃槉
KatieJ18-21, F
We should 馃槝[@385513,QuietSophie]
FreeSpirit146-50, F
FreeSpirit146-50, F
[@644187,KatieJ] I have but not for 5 months.
KatieJ18-21, F
Nice. How long? [@157515,FreeSpirit1]
Hahaha [@157515,FreeSpirit1]
FaeLuna26-30, F
Nice! Makes me wish I had tried that back in college when I had the chance.
KatieJ18-21, F
[@748264,FaeLuna] Kind of might thought, I鈥檒l only be lucky enough to be barefoot like that once and so I better had do it.
Rhodesianman51-55, M
your braver than me its been to cold the last couple of weeks to do that here but still nude indoors.
KatieJ18-21, F
I鈥檝e struggled but I braved through and I am so happy I did. [@470110,Rhodesianman]
Greenbare70-79, M
Good for you. I've been barefoot for about 5 years now, even in winter except for a very few times when I have to be outside for a long time.

With practice feet will get vascular dilation that keeps them more warm even walking on ice.
nudydude56-60, M
Good for you. I never went that long, but do enjoy the natural feeling

Bare Hugs
SW User
That鈥檚 extremely impressive. Good for you.
UnshodAdvocate22-25, M
That's awesome that you did so; keep up the barefooting adventures. :D
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I Went Barefoot For a Week Straight
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I went barefoot from June right through to just la... | I Went Barefoot For a Week Straight | Similar Worlds