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I Hate Being Grounded

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Like the last three weeks I’ve only been allowed to have my phone on the weekends. I absolutely hate it I get so bored during the week. Not only that I miss my friends I have on here
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Nov 2, 2018
KaciAlex · 22-25, F
How long are you grounded?
SW User
[@708852,KaciAlex] until the end of this school semester
KaciAlex · 22-25, F
[@468857,Sheslikethewind] wow, I hope it goes by fast for you. December needs to come at lightning speed.
SW User
[@708852,KaciAlex] tell me about it
Issabella · 22-25, F
I am sorry that sounds like it sucks. My mom does not really ground me much. I just get spanked really
susker09 · 36-40
[@468857,Sheslikethewind] guess I could see that not being the most exciting class. Do you think you learned a lesson?
mayday · M
[@468857,Sheslikethewind] that's a tough class!
mayday · M
[@835872,Issabella] yes it did suck yet she managed to get through it ok :)
Uncle · 41-45, M
Well, of course being grounded isn't fun. It's a punishment and as such should be unpleasant - but it is for your own good, actually.

Hopefully, you'll learn from it. :)
KeyOKey · 31-35, M
what ever you did last time try not to do it again
april35 · F
better than being spanked
lofc25 · 26-30, M
[@675692,april35] that must have been embarrassing!
susker09 · 36-40
[@835872,Issabella] Are you considering moving out?
mayday · M
[@468857,Sheslikethewind] Happy 🦃 Day!!! lol
Grounded? Read a book?
SW User
Know the feeling Miss.

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I Hate Being Grounded
Its just poor parenting and very unfair
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