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"I Will" – The Beatles


Sweet love song, written by Paul McCartney and recorded by the Beatles (minus George Harrison) in 1968.

“I Will” was included on the Beatles’ popular double album, [i]The Beatles[/i] (aka, the White Album), but it was never released as a single as far as I can tell.

What I especially like about the song is its Latin groove, with John Lennon playing maracas and keeping time with woodblocks (skulls), and Ringo Starr on bongos and tom-toms. Of course Paul McCartney did a lovely job as the song’s sole vocalist and guitarist.
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DropTopDig · M
Give me Sgt. Pepper & Magical Mystery Tour any day!
Rutterman · 41-45, M
[@1185254,DropTopDig] Those are great albums.
DropTopDig · M
[@121363,Rutterman] Their best I think.
SweetMae · 61-69, F
I really like the lyrics too. Thank you for sharing this with us.
Rutterman · 41-45, M
[@10109,SweetMae] Yes, the lyrics are good too. You're very welcome.
ImRileyTheDog · 18-21, F
I love when you share music with us☺️😌

The Beatles are my favorite band❤️

Thank you so much for sharing with with us sir🤗
Rutterman · 41-45, M
[@1452,ImRileyTheDog] Ah, yes, I remember that you're a big Beatles fan, as am I. 😎 ✌️

You're very welcome. 🤗
ImRileyTheDog · 18-21, F
[@121363,Rutterman] In September I’m going to see The Beatles Love in Vegas😁
Rutterman · 41-45, M
[@1452,ImRileyTheDog] Cool! You'll really enjoy that, I'm sure.
Tres13 · 51-55, M
Rubber Soul my fav
Rutterman · 41-45, M
[@476434,Tres13] That is such a good album. Definitely one of my favorites by the Beatles.
Love that song...

Thank you for all the information on it..

Rutterman · 41-45, M
[@1067,Soossie] It's such a lovely song. You're very welcome. 🤗
They helped change the world...I still like them
Rutterman · 41-45, M
[@493455,Experienced33] Agreed. A lot of their songs are classics.
JohnnyO · 36-40, M
[@121363,Rutterman] Seen Any Movies
Rutterman · 41-45, M
[@105699,JohnnyO] Cool. I'll be sure to check that one out.

Yes she will.
JohnnyO · 36-40, M
[@121363,Rutterman] Nice
JohnnyO · 36-40, M
[@121363,Rutterman] Will xsayurix Become my SW Groupie
ChampagneOnIce · 46-50, F
I love The Beatles, but I don’t think I’ve heard that song. I really liked it! Thank you for sharing it.
Rutterman · 41-45, M
[@327203,ChampagneOnIce] It's probably one of their least-known songs.

You're welcome. Very glad you like it. 😎
This song feels like it’s written for you and me. 🥴
Rutterman · 41-45, M
[@372543,Vivaci] 🤗 💞
🤗💝 [@121363,Rutterman]

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