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I Love My Wife

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This lady!!….*sigh*

Best friend, Lover, Soulmate...just insert every sappy cliché here and it still wouldn't be a fraction of what she means to me. She is the sweet to my mean. Am I a different person around her, you betcha. I do things for her that I'd never imagine doing for another living soul. Not because she ask me too but simply because I have this inner drive to make her happy. It would be fair for the outside world to describe me as a bit rough, harsh, distant and when need be even brutal. Not with her though. Soft, gentle and ever attentive is my Modus Operandi. I don't hide this other side of me, she knows how I am and is ever challenging me to change simply just by being herself. Not demanding or even asking it. She inspires me to be self sacrificial and doesn't even know it! Once a man of few words I find myself with the inability to shut up around her. I want to tell her everything and wanna know everything. She takes care of me in ways I never even knew I needed taking care of! I'll put a pin in it here cause there is no end to this story, not enough words to express my love for her nor enough time in existence to express fully...*sigh* I just love her
36-40, M
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Jul 27, 2018
Fernie · F
That's really is...she does so much for so much to you...i'm just curious...not in a snarky way...what is it that you give to her?
SomeGuyYouKnow · 36-40, M
No worries! It doesn't seem snarky at all and is a fair question! I wish I could answer this cleanly and clearly as I can describe what she does for me. Like a list of husbandly accolades but sadly I think only she can do that. I can however say, whole heartedly, I give her all of me. Every aspect and detail of me. My past, my present, every feeling...she is privy to it all. And whatever it is she seems to see in me she loves. ☺[@331316,Fernie]
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Silentspectator · 41-45, F
That's lovely to read that you are growing around her & also turning into a chatty fellow.
Bliss for the couple.

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I Love My Wife
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This lady!!….*sigh* Best friend, Lover, Soulmate.... | I Love My Wife | Similar Worlds